The Saints Row Reboot Has Been Played By Over One Million Players

One Million Players!!

Saints Row 2022 is a reboot of the popular action-adventure video game franchise and the fifth major entry in the series. The game was released on 23 August 2022 to show that it was the right time for the Saints Row franchise to come up and show the world that they were not yet done. However, it could have gone better as the game had many bugs and glitches that the fans felt like Saints Row had been released half-cooked.

Furthermore, Embracer Group released their financial report as of September 2022, which discussed that the PC and console games had been their core business. The report mentioned that one million users had played Saints Row as of Mid October. That’s an enormous number for a game that didn’t have a grand launch.

Embracer Saints Row One Million Players
Embracer Sales and earnings

As shown in the above screenshot, the anticipated Saints Row has already been played by one million users. Though the game didn’t have a great start, it had so many bugs and glitches that it was almost unplayable for some fans. Embracer CEO said,

“Personally I had hoped for a greater reception of the game.”

Moreover, Deep Silver Volition has been trying to fulfill fans’ expectations and improve the game’s experience. Saints Row 2022 was supposed to return to the roots of the franchise. The game was intended to focus more on gang warfare than wacky things. Embrace Group has announced that the game’s developer will be moved to Gearbox Entairtenment. Embracer is the parent company of both.

With a Metacritic score of just 61, the game developers have struggled to provide the best experience for the fans. However, they promised a gigantic update for later this month which will hopefully make the changes for the game.

Aside from that, have you played Saints Row? How was your experience with the game? Please let us know in the comments.

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