Atomic Heart Dev Build Continues Trend Of Stutters In PC Ports

Speedrunner Beats Atomic Heart In 7 Minutes

World Record!

Gaming enthusiasts can now showcase their skills to a global audience thanks to gaming’s growing accessibility, and speedrunning is one such genre of content that has taken off. Here, players strive to finish a game as quickly as possible, and it is gaining traction among gamers.

The latest first-person shooter game, Atomic Heart, has also become a popular choice for speedrunners. A YouTuber known by the username ‘deLINO‘ recently achieved an incredible feat by completing Atomic Heart in just seven minutes.

This mind-boggling record in Atomic Heart was achieved by using various glitches, allowing them to finish the game in seven minutes and six seconds. Nonetheless, it demonstrates the speedrunning community’s commitment to establishing and shattering world records.

The top-ranking position for Atomic Heart on is occupied by deLINO, with an impressive record unmatched by other players. However, SeekerTV, who has a track record of beating Elden Ring in under five minutes, is hot on their heels with a respectable time of 7:09.

It appears that a rivalry has ignited among speedrunners eager to achieve the fastest possible completion time for Atomic Heart. It remains to be seen whether deLINO’s current position will be usurped by another player or if they will maintain their dominance over the competition for an extended period.

The remarkable Atomic Heart speedrun has captivated the gaming community and garnered thousands of views on YouTube. The run has also ignited heated discussions about the legitimacy of speedrunning and the employment of glitches to complete a game.

While some argue that exploiting glitches to complete a game undermines the purpose of speedrunning, others regard it as an essential part of the process. Using glitches and exploits is often viewed as a way to push the limits of what is possible in a game and demonstrate the player’s inventiveness.

What do you think about this speedrun record? Do you think this record will ever be beaten? Let us know in the comments!

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