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Marvel Spider-Man 2 Page Went Live On PlayStation Store

Spider-Man 2 Pre-Orders Soon?

The new installment in the Spider-Man video game franchise is one of the highly anticipated games of 2023 and the hype is unreal. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 store page went live on the PlayStation UK store and could be added to the wishlist.

The game was announced to be in development in 2021 during the PlayStation showcase and now we finally have a store page. The appearance of Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation store means that pre-orders will soon be open.

Spider-Man 2 PlayStation Store Page

However, the listing was live for a few hours before it was taken down from the store, and the page containing it has since been deleted, though we have a screenshot as can be seen above. The presence of the game’s store listing indicates that something is about to happen in terms of information. We may get a gameplay trailer or potentially a release date of the game this week.

Last week, the community director James Stevenson shared a GIF on his official Twitter account featuring Miles Morales and Peter Parker in their respective costumes, fueling anticipation and rumors about a potential Spider-Man 2 announcement before the end of the year.

The Tweet by Stevenson and the listing on the PlayStation UK store suggest that we will get new information on the game by the end of this year – potentially before Christmas. Earlier this month, Tony Todd – the voice actor of Venom – claimed that Spider-Man 2 will be full of non-stop action. He also explained Venom’s ruthlessness and fierce behavior in the game.

The game is popular among PlayStation and now the PC community too though it won’t launch on the PC platform, so perhaps we won’t have to wait too long for more information to come out. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may get a trailer this week to coincide with the release of the new Spiderverse trailer on Tuesday.

What do you think about the listing going live for a few hours on the PlayStation UK store? Let us know in the comments below!

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