Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars FPS Game To Include Multiplayer

Another Multiplayer Star Wars Game?

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind games like Apex Legends and TitanFall is currently working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a third-person action-adventure game in the beloved universe.

Respawn Entertainment also announced a brand new Star Wars FPS game last year. The game was announced to be a story-driven single-player game, but information on the game is limited. Fans have also been curious about a potential multiplayer Star Wars experience from Respawn Entertainment, but not much has been said in that regard either.

However, we have spotted a new job listing for Senior Gameplay Software Engineer for Star Wars FPS at Respawn Entertainment which hints that the new Star Wars FPS game will have a multiplayer component

Respawn Entertainment's Hiring
Job Listing For Senior Gameplay Software Engineer – C++ [ Star Wars FPS Game]
The studio is hiring for many positions as the game is under development now. Looking at the desired qualifications for the job listing above, we spotted that it states:

Experience working on a multiplayer game.

This could mean Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars FPS game will include a multiplayer game mode. The developer is well known for multiplayer projects, with Apex Legends being the studio’s most successful game. Additionally, games like Titanfall also offered a stellar multiplayer experience.

Since the upcoming Star Wars FPS game is mainly single-player focused, multiplayer might take the backseat. The team could be looking to introduce a co-op mode, but PVP game modes are not out of the question either. With Titanfall 2, the developer delivered an excellent single-player campaign without sacrificing the multiplayer components. As such, there is little doubt in Respawn Entertainment’s ability to deliver on both fronts.

The last major Star Wars multiplayer FPS offerings came from Dice in 2017. Unfortunately, Dice cut support for the game, leading to much disappointment from the fan base. Many recent Star Wars games like LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga have focused on the single-player experience. Therefore, Respawn Entertainment and EA might be looking to mix things up with another form of multiplayer for the Star Wars universe.

At the very least, the job listing strongly suggests that Respawn Entertainment will integrate multiplayer into the upcoming Star Wars FPS. The possibilities of Star Wars multiplayer from the renowned developer are exciting, and it will be interesting to see their take on the game going forward.

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