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42% of Steam Deck Owners Use It As Their Main Steam Platform

Everyone Loves The Steam Deck!

The Steam Deck has been a hot topic since its release over a year ago. While it provides another alternative to play PC games, Valve’s Steam Deck has performed exceptionally well in the market and now has over 7500 games playable or verified for the handheld.

Further adding to this success, Valve Designer Lawrence Yang has confirmed that almost 42% of steam deck owners use it as their main device for Steam games.

Steam Deck

While talking in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Valve Designer Lawrence Yang discussed the Steam Deck’s success and plans for the gaming handheld in the future. Lawrence Yang shared an interesting fact about the handheld and stated: 

42% of them(Steam Deck owners) end up spending the majority of their Steam gaming time on Steam Deck – preferring it over their other devices.

Since it has only been a year, the Steam Deck has a long path ahead, and Valve has made it clear that it has a lot of plans regarding the handheld, but they are keeping it quiet for a little while.

One reason that has helped the device become the priority for many gamers is Valve’s work on game compatibility. While many games are still unsupported, most Steam users will find a large chunk of their library is already compatible with the Steam Deck.

The device already has 8000 supported games in a year, and the number will continue to increase as Valve has been collaborating with many developers to support the handheld.

Furthermore, Steam Deck users can also try features like emulation and mods. These options are typically left out on traditional consoles, but Valve has included them as part of the PC gaming experience. All of this has led to an incredible first year for the Steam Deck, with unlimited potential for the future.

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