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Astro’s Playroom Dev Looking For Studio To Collaborate On New Mobile Game

Mobile Game From Astro Developer!

Astro’s Playroom is a platformer meant to showcase the PlayStation 5’s capabilities,ย  developed by Team Asobi. The developer has mainly been limited to Virtual Reality games and the Astro franchise in the past. However, the studio has much more to offer than just VR games.

Though we have few details, a new job listing for Mobile Game Producer(External) suggests that Team Asobi is now looking to work on a mobile game with external developers.

Team Asobi Mobile Game
Job Listing for Mobile Game Producer(External) At Team Asobi
Source: Team Asobi

The job listing hints at future mobile games from the developer. It states:

Team ASOBI is looking for an experienced producer who can successfully manage the production of new mobile titles in collaboration with external developers.

This means that Team Asobi could be ready to expand to new genres, and this could start with mobile games. They have done remarkable work with Astro’s Playroom, which comes pre-installed on PS5 consoles, and fans can expect a similar level of quality from future titles.

PlayStation has already expressed interest in mobile gaming before. As such, fans should not be surprised that first-party studios are looking to break into the mobile market. However, Team Asobi would not be the obvious choice when considering a potential mobile game developer.

Moreover, the developer has been known to utilize unique features like the Dualsense Haptic Feedback to provide an incredible experience. As such, Team Asobi could do a great job at using the strengths of the mobile gaming platform for unique game releases.

Team Asobi currently has over 60 employees, and they are hiring more employees, which means they have much more to offer. We are excited about Team Asobi’s steps toward mobile gaming titles, and we will surely update you with the coming news regarding them.

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