The Crew Franchise 40 million players

The Crew Games Have Crossed 40 Million Players

Millions of Players!

The Crew, Ubisoft’s beloved game franchise, is arguably one of the biggest racing arcade games of the last generation. It is even said to rival racing game giants like Forza and Need for Speed in some regards.

It has been 15 years since The Crew started development. The games have had a remarkable journey so far, and Stephane Beley, the Creative Director behind The Crew games, recently announced that The Crew franchise has exceeded 40 million players in total.

Since Ubisoft announced that the game had surpassed 30 million players in 2021, it has gained an additional 10 million in less than two years. This may be due to Ubisoft’s efforts to keep The Crew 2 fresh by releasing updates every four months.

A new entry in the franchise is scheduled to release sometime this year, and it is expected to increase the numbers further. The Crew MotorFest features a new open world inspired by the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. A while ago, the company released a teaser trailer that showcased different landscapes, such as volcanoes, sandy beaches, and streets of small towns in the open world.

Ubisoft released The Crew in 2014, and it quickly became a fan-favorite. The game’s cooperative and social interactive features were initially met with great reception. Players can form a crew and compete in races and other features with various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and planes, that players can customize according to their preferences.

Are you excited about The Crew MotorFest coming later in 2023? Feel free to discuss your favorite Crew memories in the comments

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