Wild Hearts launches on steam with 24k concurrent players

Wild Hearts Launches To 24K Concurrent Players On Steam

Off To A Slow Start!

EA’s brand-new single-player title, Wild Hearts, is now available to download and play on all platforms. The long-awaited game looked appealing to many fans, and despite getting good review scores before its launch, the game is off to a bad start.

The title currently stands at 24k concurrent players on Steam. The numbers are likely to increase as the week progresses further, but Wild Heart’s launch may have been overshadowed by Hogwarts Legacy, which launched just a little over a week ago with a whopping 250k players.

Wild Hearts 24k concurrent players on Steam
 Source: SteamDB

Wild Heart’s slow start may be caused by its poor performance, especially on the PC platform. The game shows frequent frame drops and stuttering, but the developers have acknowledged the problems and promised a patch next week. Another reason for the negative reviews could be the game’s $70 price point.

Although reviewers have given the game high scores, it is being negatively reviewed on Steam, with many users complaining that the game is overpriced and had a terrible launch due to technical issues.

Wild Hearts review bombed on Steam

Wild Hearts draws much inspiration from Monster Hunter, with some similarities, but still offers various unique gameplay mechanics. Building structures is a crucial element in Wild Hearts’ gameplay, where players use an ancient technology called Kukri to create tools or weapons. Players use this technology to face the Kemono, gigantic animals powered by nature.

Wild Hearts is now available to play on current-gen consoles and PC, but it would be best to avoid the PC platform till the game is fixed. Have you played Wild Hearts yet? What are your thoughts on the PC port?

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