Wild Hearts launches on steam with 24k concurrent players

Wild Hearts Review Roundup Shows A Promising New IP

EA's New IP Looks Promising!

Wild Hearts is a new action-adventure game from EA, and developer Omega Force, best known for creating games like the Dynasty Warrior franchise.

Ever since it was revealed, Wild Hearts has captured the interest of many gamers with its unique gameplay. It is arguably one of the most awaited single-player games this year, and the game is being poured with positive review scores.

  • Screenrant – 9
  • XboxEra – 8.5
  • IGN – 8
  • GameSpot – 8

The game currently stands at an overwhelming score of 80 on Metacritic.

Wild Hearts gets 80 score on Metacritic.


Wild Hearts is set in the world of Azuma, a take on feudal Japan where players must battle legendary monsters. The open world is beautiful and is structured into different regions based on the four seasons, with a lot to uncover and hunt within each region.

On paper, the game looks similar to Monster Hunter but has a lot of twists to it, and the gameplay stays fresh throughout. One of the critical elements of its gameplay is Karakuri, a form of ancient tech that players can use as a weapon or tool to battle fearsome monsters.

Karakuri can be used to set traps, travel, and train. The monsters in this game are called Kemono, supernatural and enormous animals powered by nature.

The game can either be played solo or in co-op mode, and thanks to cross-platform support, you can play with friends from different platforms as well. Wild Hearts launches for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S today, with a trial also available to EA Play owners.

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