Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Receives Excellent Reviews

Positive Reviews Despite Performance Issues!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an upcoming souls-like game developed by Team Ninja – the developer of the popular Nioh franchise. The game is set in the mythical world of ancient China and promises stunning graphics, exciting gameplay, and an engaging storyline. The game’s demo was released a week before its global launch, and it had various performance issues, especially on the PC.

However, despite some criticism for performance issues, the game has received highly positive reviews from various video game reviewers. The game has garnered exceptional ratings from critics and reviewers, indicating that it is poised to deliver an outstanding experience.

A few review scores can be seen below

  • Windows Central 9/10
  • Twinfinite 9/10
  • PSU 8.5/10
  • IGN 8/10
  • VGC 6/10

The game has also received an excellent rating of 82/100 for PC and 83/100 for PS5 on Metacritic.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty positive reviews ahead of launch

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s engaging gameplay is one of the primary reasons for its favorable reviews. Players can explore ancient China with various weapons to combat everything from mythological creatures to human foes.

The battle system in the game is complex and rewarding, which adds to the enjoyment of the action. Another essential element that boosts the game’s appeal is the narrative. The protagonist, a warrior trying to bring back order in Wo Long’s universe, sets out on an adventure that keeps the players interested and involved.

However, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has also faced some criticism from PC players for performance issues during the demo. Players have reported lag and stuttering during gameplay which may be due to the game’s shaders compilation stutters, and it remains to be seen if the final build will be any better.

Despite the performance criticisms, the positive reviews for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty suggests that the game’s strengths overshadow its weaknesses. Fans can expect the quality that they have seen with previous Team Ninja games, making for an excellent addition to the souls-like genre.

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