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Xbox Showcase Reportedly Set For Q1 2024 With A Reveal From Tango Gameworks

Xbox Showcase Coming Soon!

Recent rumors have pointed toward an Xbox showcase happening sometime next year. Xbox is planning to make up for its lackluster showing at The Game Awards 2022 with the forthcoming Xbox Showcase, and insiders like Jez Corden claim that the showcase could happen in early 2023.

In the latest XboxEra podcast episode, famous leaker Jeff Grubb has also corroborated the rumors and hinted at some exciting news for Xbox fans.

According to Jeff Grubb, an Xbox Showcase will be happening in Q1 2023, and one of the games in the showcase would be a first-party Pentiment-level game.


Jeff said:

“So that early event everyone keeps hinting at for early next year, I don’t know exactly what everyone has been saying about it. But I have heard about it too, and I will say that one of the games that will be in there should be a Pentiment level game from a first party studio.”

Jeff later confirmed that Tango Gameworks would be making the Pentiment-like game. Tango Gameworks is now a recognized Xbox first-party developer, and the studio is known for developing incredible AAA horror games, notably Tokyo Ghostwire and The Evil Within.

This “leak” by Jeff Grubb holds weight because Shinji Mikami, the founder of Tango Gameworks, has previously expressed his intentions to make smaller games in the future. So it seems like Tango will finally showcase their lower-budget game in the upcoming Xbox Showcase.

Earlier this year, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg assured fans on Twitter during The Game Awards 2022 that Xbox fans will not have to wait long until the next showcase. Therefore, all of these speculations are starting to make sense, and we are crossing our fingers that Xbox will make a formal announcement soon.

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