Intel Accidentally Revealed 34-Core Raptor Lake CPU

Intel Appears To Be Returning To HEDT Market With Raptor Lake-X

Last night during Intel Innovation 2022, Patrick P. Gelsinger, CEO of Intel talked about many things including the most anticipated 13th Generation Raptor Lake processors &Β Arc A770 graphics card. The head of the Samsung display also made a special appearance and talked about the Samsung slideable display. However, in the hype of the announcement, it seems like Intel has accidentally leaked 34-Core Raptor Lake CPU.

Intel had a Wafer full of 34-core Raptor Lake processors, and surprisingly the booth staff was unaware as they were unreleased CPUs. Some members mistakenly showed the 34-core Raptor Lake processors instead of the 24 cores.

Furthermore, Intel talked about the Raptor lake chips earlier in the Intel innovation with a peak of 24-cores. They did not mention anything regarding the 34-core Raptor Lake processors.

According to lan Cutresslan, who attended the Intel innovation 2022, they talked with the booth staff, and they accidentally revealed the 34-core CPUs because they were unaware of the fact that it was unreleased.

Additionally, The name Raptor Lake-S 34-Core is clearly labeled on the back of the chip carrier with a sticker.

Moreover, Eight DDR5 memory controllers can be seen, along with what appear to be UPI blocks; these components are not included on typical desktop PC models. However, it seems like this new processor is not intended for the mainstream consumer market, but can be the return of Intel to the HEDT with Raptor Lake-X to compete with the AMD Threadripper product line.

What do you think about Intel 34-core CPUs? Let us know in the comments.

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