Microsoft To Launch New PC Manager App With Cloud Antivirus Scanning & Disk Cleaning

Officially Coming At The End of This Year!

Microsoft will release two versions of the PC Manager App in late 2022. Both of these versions will differ from each other in some way or the other and will only be available in one language, Chinese.

These PC Manager Apps were developed by noticing user habits and considering the user’s favorite choices. This means users can have their version of PC Manager. The PC Manager Version 2.3 has improved its features and contains some additional ones compared to its older versions.

  1. It supports one-key acceleration to free up memory, clean residual files, and improve computer speed.
  2. Additionally, it has a much-upgraded space-cleaning function to deeply clean junk files on the PC and frees up extra space.
  3. Its Virus Scanning feature not only supports cloud scanning but will enhance the security of your system to a much greater extent.
  4. Process management functions can quickly terminate processes that are not in current use.
  5. The previous versions had some problems with the self-starting of programs. With the startup management feature, users can choose to allow programs that can be self-started.

The minimum system requirement to get apps are an Operating System of Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher and an Architecture of X64.

The date when the PC Manager Apps will be released is not yet announced. It is, however, confirmed that both new versions will be released by the end of this year. Furthermore, how these versions will differ from each other is also unknown.

Do you think these additional features are worth enough to wait for these PC Manager Apps? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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