PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Criticized For High-Tier Members Receiving Priority Support

PlayStation Criticized For Giving Priority In Customer Support To Top Ranked Members

Players in Japan have started criticizing the newly-launched PlayStation Stars loyalty program which will offer better customer support to players of a greater rank. Players are complaining that the service is highly unfair and due to this other users will receive a poorer service.

PlayStation Stars got launched today 29 September 2022 in Asia. Joining with a free subscription gives the player a prize for completing a variety of campaigns and activities. Stars have a four-tier system where players begin at the most initial level of Level 1 and progress more if they earn trophies and purchase games. To reach level four tier players have to earn a total of 128 rare trophies and buy 4 full-price games from the PlayStation Store.

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Nevertheless, users in Japan noticed that members on the Level 4 tier seem to get a priority in customer service. This received several criticisms from Japanese users because of its lack of support. Level 4 players can easily take over the queue and contact the customer support service when they encounter a problem, and thus lower level players won’t get a chance to have their complaints resolved.

Japanese took this matter to Twitter and @akutarosu wrote;

“Customer support must be equal. Some people only like a few titles and play them, and some gamers can’t afford money or time.”

Nonetheless, it is unclear if this same standard will apply to the other regional versions of PlayStation Stars or whether Sony will change its decision after receiving this much criticism.

Do you think Sony made the right decision? Should they apply it to all the remaining regions as well? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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