About Us

Emopulse.com is a specialized website that was established in 2022 with the intention of assisting readers worldwide with any type of problem they could have. We try to cover everything a user can encounter, from the smallest errors to the biggest problems, and we plan to fix them as effectively as we can. Emopulse is an authoritative source of information and has been able to report on numerous topics first. Thanks to this, we have been cited by major publications, including Wccftech, GamingBible, The Gamer, GameRant, eXputer, GamingBolt, and TomsHardware

Our main goal is to become a platform where users can find a solution for technical issues. We don’t care which platform or device you are on; we’re here to help you with everything. 

In order to assist as many people as possible, our team of professionals is committed to quickly fixing all the most recent crashes, faults, and issues with highly user-friendly and understandable step-by-step instructions. In order to offer the finest possible solutions for those who require them, we have specialists that continuously test and troubleshoot themselves. We also ensure to include as many screenshots as possible in a guide to make things easier for you. 

Our Story

Our story is the story of every computer user, gamer, and gadget lover in the world who’s faced with problems of all sorts while gaming, video editing, or just casually using their device. We just took the extra step of solving those problems and documenting them to help others in need.

The founders of Emopulse love technology, and they have loved computers, tablets, smartphones, and other similar devices since their childhoods. Just like any other user, they kept running into software bugs, glitches, hardware failures, or other pesky problems that ruined their experience.

Being the tech-enthusiasts they were, their first thought was always to solve the problem on their own before taking their device to professionals. Many computers, consoles, smartphones, and laptops were harmed and destroyed in this process. However, this hands-on experience definitely turned them into repairers and fixers who could fix anything that a professionally trained repairer could.

Rather than keeping this skill to themselves, they decided to share their knowledge with the world. From their experiences, they could understand the pain of millions and billions of tech-users in the world who are always on the lookout for a solution to one problem or another.

As a result, Emopulse was created and launched in 2022 to help these tech users get help with their computers, gaming consoles, controllers, graphics cards, laptops, smartphones, and just about any piece of tech that needs troubleshooting. 

Vision Statement

Emopulse aims to be the biggest online storehouse of solutions to all the problems faced by millions of tech users around the world on a daily basis. Its goal is to become that one comprehensive source that not only has the largest database of guides but also has the title of being the place with the most detailed, high-quality, user-friendly, and easy-to-follow solutions for all the common and rare problems tech users face on a daily basis.


Emopulse is made up of an ever-evolving group of carefully chosen experts and professionals that possess incredible knowledge with the goal of providing the most effective and efficient answers to any issues, faults, or problems that any user might have with their device, software, or games.

Our crew is always working around the clock to make sure that all of the most recent problems are resolved as soon as possible.

What We Do

  • Write in-depth guides about different technical problems that our readers may face with a device or problem.
  • Try all of the methods ourselves first to save the time of our readers. 
  • Create content for the sole purpose of helping our readers out.
  • Write news, reviews, and opinion pieces about different devices and platforms. 
  • Cover all previous and latest errors linked to devices and platforms.

Our Values

Our well-defined values are ingrained in our internal culture and our brand’s outlook. These values assist Emopulse in being consistent with its approach towards its customers and clients. Here are the core values that Emopulse upholds.


We believe neutrality is the most important of all values when providing people with solutions. We cannot be biased against or in favor of a particular product, service, or brand because that will cause our solutions to be skewed.

We like to offer our troubleshooting solutions regardless of the brand our customers like, prefer, or buy. What matters to us is that we have a customer who’s faced with a problem, and we must provide them with a solution that helps them solves that problem.

Which phone, computer, operating system, or device you use has no impact on our guides and guidelines that we offer you with the objective of helping you solve the problem without professional intervention.


If something works, it works; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. We follow this simple philosophy and recommend only the solutions that work to our readers. There are no factors that would influence us to write something that isn’t factual.

When your Windows doesn’t boot, or your game stops working, or your smartphone freezes for no reason, you are looking for a solution that works. That’s what we are here for. Promotional content for the purpose of promotion doesn’t fit the way we work.


Understanding the problems customers are facing and providing them with accurate solutions demands a lot of responsibility. The thing about responsibility is that it doesn’t end when we have written a guide and published on the website.

Our responsibility continues for as long as a piece of content is on our website. For this reason, we continue to update and revise our content by going back to previously written articles. We make changes to remove the content that isn’t applicable anymore and add new content that’s relevant and accurate.


At Emopulse, we believe consistency not only helps us build a clear image of the brand but also offers convenience to our customers in many ways. We document everything for the purpose of consistency and follow a specific set of rules in the way work, so everyone is on the same page.

The guides on our website are created after following a specific set of instructions. The consistent following of those instructions allows us to offer our readers content that flows well, is easily followed, and offers value.


This is the last entry in our 5 core values and one that binds everything together. We have no room for anyone who doesn’t regard quality. To the way our guides are written, checked, audited, and edited to the visuals we upload with them, everything has to be of high-quality and follow our set editorial guidelines.

We don’t churn out new guides for the sake of marketing or getting noticed by a specific search engine. Our primary job is to look for real problems that are faced by real people and suggest real solutions that are applicable in the real world.

In doing so, we make it a requirement to follow our quality assurance guidelines. For this reason, a piece written for us might go back and forth between the writer and the editor many times before it is given the go to be published on the website.

Commitment To Accurate Content 

We understand the importance of accurate content, and this is why we make sure that everything published on our website is accurate and free from formatting, grammatical, and plagiarism errors. For this purpose, we have a team of experts who carefully check every piece of content before it is published. Thanks to this, our users always get to read the information that is free from all sorts of errors. 

Furthermore, we also make sure to update our content on a regular basis. If we find a new solution for an error that we talked about months ago on our site, we make sure to update our article with whatever we find.

Why Trust Us?

At Emopulse, we only hire people who are geeks themselves. This is done to ensure that our writers know what they are talking about and understand how important it is to provide reliable solutions to an error. Our writers also undergo a training period, during which they are taught about the importance of writing accurate content and avoiding misinformation. Before writing anything, our writers first try the solutions themselves and then include them in their guide. Therefore, whatever you read on our website has been tested properly. 

Error Policy 

While we try our best to make sure that everything published on our website is accurate and free from all sorts of errors, we can make mistakes at some points. After all, we are humans running the website, and humans are bound to make mistakes. If you do spot any mistake in our guides, please contact us editor[at]emopulse.com, and we will get it fixed quickly. 

Let’s Do Some Troubleshooting

If there’s anything you want to tell us or share with us, get in touch with us at [email protected]. Visit our Editorial Guidelines page to learn how we research, write, edit, and audit our work.