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Emopulse aims to form itself as one of the most reliable websites that can provide consumers with solutions as soon as an issue arises. Emopulse’s knowledge and solutions are tried-and-true and given in the clearest possible terms for our readers to comprehend.

Our team of professionals works around the clock to ensure our information is accurate, trustworthy, and efficient so that you never encounter an issue for which there is no known answer.

Before offering a solution to consumers, our team of experts checks and fixes every single problem themselves so that our readers may use it securely.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to provide accurate information as quickly as possible in order to stay on top of the most recent issues and solutions for every platform.

We take great satisfaction in disclosing the specifics of our persuasive connection with the esteemed group of distinguished provocateurs represented by the placard below.

Ahmed Faisal

Ahmed Faisal

Technical Software Tester

Ahmed Faisal has been writing for years and is currently working as a technical software tester for Emopulse. He is a Computer Science expert and is interested in everything related to it. Furthermore, he also happens to have a special place for gaming in his heart, something that he does in his free time.

Before Emopulse, Ahmed worked as a freelance writer for a couple of sites, where he was able to polish his skills as a technical writer. He first started writing about the basic stuff and can now proudly call himself an expert at what he does. 

Ahmed always tries to learn as much as he can about Computer Science. If you sit down with him, he won’t stop talking about it, and you will probably need to change the topic to shut him up. He is active in different communities, where he is constantly engaged in conversations with others regarding his field. 

  • Education: New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Ahmed has also completed a course on Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling.

Afraz emopulse


Console Error Specialist

Afraz’s first gaming console was the PlayStation 2, and it made him fall in love with the world of gaming. His interest in consoles led him to try out every console available on the market, and he now works as a console error specialist on Emopulse. Thanks to his love for consoles, he has managed to become a successful writer in this field and can now help out others who face various issues with their gaming devices.

Afraz has previously worked for multiple websites where he used to talk about different console errors and how to fix them. With the passage of time, he has managed to become an expert in his forte and can now fix every error that comes in front of him. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a PlayStation or an Xbox; Afraz can handle it all.

When not writing, Afraz spends most of his time on different platforms, where he tries to look for errors that he can fix. And whenever he spots an error, he makes sure to create an in-depth guide on it so that others can benefit from his work as well. Overall, Afraz is a valuable member of our team who loves to learn about technology every day. 

  • Education: Michigan Technological University.
  • Expertise In: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo & Other Consoles

Afraz has also finished a course on Computer Basics: Basic Computer Skills And Fundamentals.

Muhammad Zia Ul Baqa

Muhammad Zia Ul Baqa

Games Troubleshooter

Zia is a games troubleshooter for Emopulse, and he is extremely good at it. He has been playing video games since he was 6 years old, and he never shies away from trying out a new video game in the market. As the love for video games in his heart grew, he knew that he had to pursue a career that would allow him to stay connected to them. Fast forward to today, he now helps others with fixing different errors that they encounter in video games.  

Zia plays video games for two reasons. First, they help him escape the problems of the real world and explore something different. Second, he is always trying to look for issues in video games so that he can fix them and let others know about how he did it. In other words, he is always looking for ways to use his skills to help others.

Zia also actively watches different streamers play his favorite video games. He is a big fan of Ninja and Shroud, and he spends some of his free time watching their streams. Furthermore, he also spends a lot of time reading video game news, as he loves to stay updated with the gaming world.

  • Education: Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Expertise In: PC & Console Games.
Syed Abiyan

Syed Abiyan

PC Errors Specialist

If there is something wrong with your PC and you can’t seem to figure out how to fix it, then Abiyan is the guy you need to talk to. He is an IT expert who has years of software testing experience. He got his first PC when he was 14 years old, and he has been since then testing out different things.

Abiyan likes to learn new things about PCs every day, and he tries to share his experiences through his writing. On Emopulse, he serves as a PC errors specialist, and he is someone you can trust when it comes to fixing different errors. It does not matter whether your PC is not running or if you’re seeing weird textures on your monitor, Abiyan is here to help you out with everything.

In his free time, Abiyan can be either found gaming or exploring the internet for new components for his PC. Whenever a new component arrives in the market that catches his interest, Abiyan tries everything in his power to own it. And when that happens, he makes sure to test it properly so that he can let others know about the issues he faced with that specific component. 

  • Education: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Expertise In: Graphics Cards, Processors, Motherboards, & Other PC components.  

Abiyan also has completed a course on IT Support Technical Skills Bootcamp.

Saliha Imran

Saliha Imran

Streaming How To's Editor

Saliha Imran is a computer repair expert, a competent, dependable, and diligent person. She is meticulous and an avid gamer who constantly keeps up with the latest developments. She has more than three years of expertise in the field and is our streaming site’s error expert. She is adept at providing solutions to any issues you might encounter with your streaming platforms.

Saliha once used to spend a lot of her time watching different shows on various streaming platforms, and she then decided to get further involved with these platforms. Fast forward to today, she has now tried most of the streaming platforms out there and knows how they work. Thanks to this, she helps users with fixing any sort of error they might encounter while watching a show on their favorite platform.

In her free time, Saliha tries to relax for some time by watching a new show. But her relaxing time is quickly interrupted if she ends up facing a new kind of error on the platform. At that moment, she tries to fix the issue using multiple methods and then creates a guide on it. This is because she always tries to help others get a smooth experience as well. 

  • Education: California Institute of Technology
  • Expertise In: Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, Roku & Other Streaming Platforms.

Saliha also finished a course on Computer Repair – A Guide For Beginners.