Stray Tops Xbox Best-Sellers List At Launch

Clawing Its Way To The Top!

Stray was initially released as a timed exclusive for PlayStation consoles. It featured an endearing cat as the protagonist, allowing players to explore a cyberpunk-themed city through his perspective. While the game did not offer anything ground-breaking, its protagonist and atmospheric world quickly made it popular in the industry.

This also led to requests for an eventual Xbox release. Over a year after its PlayStation release, the game is finally available for various Xbox consoles, and it appears Xbox owners have already taken a liking to the cat game.

Shortly after its release, Stray clawed its way to the top of the Xbox best-sellers list.

Stray Top Seller Xbox
Source: Microsoft

The current Xbox top sellers include popular titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from the iconic FPS franchise. New releases like Remnant 2 are also high on the list, but Stray has managed to use its cat instincts to climb higher than the rest.

Stray’s position on the list highlights that Annapurna Interactive did a phenomenal job with the game. 2023 is already stacked with frequent releases of high-quality games, and the cat adventure is over a year old at this point. Despite all of this, Xbox users are currently engrossed in the adventure.

Microsoft has offered a small discount on the game, making it much cheaper than most newer titles. This makes it an unbeatable price for a title nominated for Game of The Year at The Game Awards last year.

Stray has already accumulated millions of sales, with Annapurna Interactive reporting over 4 million players joining the famous cat on this adventure. However, the current progress on Xbox platforms hints that this figure may have already risen by a considerable amount.

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