Next Generation of Halo Games In Development From 343 Industries

Halo Could Return To Former Glory!

Halo was among the earliest FPS games on consoles and became an integral part of the Xbox console ecosystem during the early days of Microsoft’s gaming endeavors. The franchise continued to produce consistent entries for two generations, where it began to lose steam on the Xbox 360.

Since then, Halo has struggled to find its footing in the modern FPS genre. While Bungie led development on the first several games, 343 Industries took over the franchise with Halo 4 and has since released three games to date. Unfortunately, the studio’s latest effort, Halo Infinite, has not met expectations.

A disappointing live service implementation has left much to be desired for the epic sci-fi franchise, but 343 Industries may be hoping to redeem itself with a new entry. The studio is currently hiring a Principal Software Engineering Manager, hinting at initial work on a new Halo game.

Next Generation Halo
Source: Job Listing For Principal Software Engineering Manager

The job listing states:

“We are looking for a Principal Software Engineering Manager to join our team to build the next generation of games and experiences in our sci-fi universe.”

This likely means that Microsoft and 343 Industries have begun the initial planning of a new Halo title. Despite the IP’s current popularity, Master Chief is still considered a mascot for Xbox. Therefore, Microsoft likely hopes to revive interest with a fresh direction.

While Halo Infinite is 343 Industries’ latest offering, the game is available on the Xbox One consoles. This meant that it could not utilize the full potential of the Xbox Series S|X consoles. 343 Industries has also struggled with the Slipspace Engine in recent years, leading to technical issues for the latest FPS from the studio.

However, a Halo title designed around the new consoles would likely allow the team to explore new possibilities. Earlier reports claimed that 343 Industries would make the switch to Unreal Engine for future games, which has been a common move for many studios in recent years.

The job listing also states that the recruit is expected to work with a small team of around ten people, further suggesting that the next Halo game is very early in development. Additionally, a battle royal experience for Halo is rumored to be in development.

The project is codenamed ‘Tatanka,’ and reports have claimed that it has been in development for around three years. Nonetheless, this is exciting for fans of the Xbox franchise, and another Halo game could further bolster Microsoft’s already promising first-party lineup for Xbox Series S|X consoles.

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