Microsoft Reportedly Investing In Tango Gameworks After Recent Success

Hi-Fi Rush Was A Huge Hit!

Hi-Fi Rush was a surprise release from Xbox and Tango Gameworks in 2023. Being announced in January, the game ensured Microsoft’s first-party lineup in 2023 was already off to a great start in the first month of the year.

Following its release, Hi-Fi Rush was welcomed with various accolades from critics. A positive reception and numerous remarkable qualities have led to the game achieving a new milestone, with Hi-Fi Rush recently reaching over 3 million players in August.

A new report claims that Microsoft has been extremely pleased with Tango Gameworks and its latest project, and the gaming giant is now pursuing further investments in the studio.

According to Jeff Grubb, Hi-Fi Rush was not a profitable release for Microsoft. However, Microsoft is extremely happy with the game and its performance. Elaborating on Microsoft’s future plans, Jeff Grubb said:

I know that Microsoft is very very happy with that studio. They are reinvesting in it and they care a lot about that studio.

This should mean that Tango Gameworks will be allowed to pursue more risky projects like Hi-Fi Rush in the future. Microsoft is known to take a hands-off approach with its studios, allowing them to pursue ideas that may not sound great on paper.

Since Hi-Fi Rush has been considered a success, Microsoft may encourage the studio to work on another game in the franchise. On the other hand, the developer’s next release could turn out to be a completely different style of game.

Previous rumors claimed that Tango Gameworks is currently working on a JRPG. Much like Hi-Fi Rush, this would be a massive departure from the horror roots of the studio. LinkedIn profiles have also confirmed that the developer is switching to Unreal Engine 5 for its next project.

The report makes it clear that Microsoft sees a bright future ahead for Tango Gameworks. The gaming giant has concentrated efforts on bolstering its first-party lineup for the last few years, and an investment in the Hi-Fi Rush developer could turn out to be a successful endeavor for Microsoft’s future plans in the gaming industry.

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