Resident Evil 4 Remake Console Issues Final Build

Resident Evil 4 Remake Reaches Nearly 100K Concurrent Steam Users

Off To A Great Start!!

Capcom’s remake of the fan-favorite Resident Evil 4 is finally out for fans worldwide. Capcom had built up a lot of anticipation for the project through various trailers, and the game appears to be already doing well.

The game reached the number one spot on the Steam best-sellers recently. This was an impressive feat considering the number of titles that were on sale recently. Furthermore, Resident Evil 4 has also launched to over 93k peak concurrent Steam players.

Resident Evil 4 Remake SteamDB
Source: SteamDB

The game has over 79K concurrent players at the time of writing, and these numbers are likely to increase over the next few days.

The remake brings back the 2005 Resident Evil 4 with updated visuals, gameplay, and modernized controls. Resident Evil 4 was considered a revolutionary release for the third-person action games genre, but new players may find the original game has not aged too well.

Resident Evil 4 Remake fixes the aging issues while highlighting the aspects that made the original game so good. As such, there is little surprise that the game is already off to a great start on the first day of release. The numbers are also enormous compared to popular horror games.

Another remake from a classic horror franchise, Dead Space, recently launched to an all-time peak concurrent player count of just 30K. Dead Space Remake had a lot of care and attention put into the game and received fantastic reviews across the board. However, Resident Evil 4 Remake appears to be in a league of its own.

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