Sonic Frontiers 3 million units sold

Sonic Frontiers Reaches 3 Million Sales Milestone

Another Accomplishment!

Sonic Frontiers is the latest installment in the Sonic franchise, released in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and various platforms. The game represents a shift from the typical linear-level gameplay of Sonic to an open-world format. While it was met with mixed reviews at launch due to its technical issues, it was also praised for a fresh direction for Sonic.

According to Sonic’s official Twitter account, Sonic Frontiers has sold 3 million copies worldwide within just six months of its release, exceeding SEGA’s initial expectations. Sonic Frontiers is also the best-selling Sonic game in over a decade.

Sonic Frontiers previously won the Best Action-Adventure Game Award at the Famitsu Dengeki 2022 Game Awards, beating two first-party PlayStation titles. The game also stood at the top of the Future Category at the Japan Game Awards 2022.

Fans of the game have much to look forward to as the Director promises more future content and previously revealed the 2023 content roadmap. The content includes three free DLC updates featuring new characters, etc. The first free DLC will be out on 23rd March featuring a Jukebox, a long-awaited Photo Mode, and new challenges.

Sonic Frontiers has established a solid foundation for future Sonic games. SEGA is already working on the next Sonic game, which may expand on the open-world design and introduce multiple playable characters.

However, it may take some time before we get to see a new Sonic game, as the developer has a greater incentive to polish the game now that the industry has its eyes set on the Sonic franchise.

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