Sonic Frontiers Director Future Updates

Sonic Frontiers Director Now Fully Focused On Future Updates

Updates On The Way!

SEGA released Sonic Frontiers for consoles and PC in 2022 as the latest installment in the Sonic game franchise. While the game is far from perfect, it has set a baseline for future Sonic games, performing much better than Sega had initially expected. As such, Sonic Frontiers fans can look forward to more content this year.

Sonic Frontiers Director Morio Kishimoto has also been actively engaging with fans and answering their questions on Twitter. However, the Director has announced that he will be limiting his answers to fully focus on future updates.

Previously, Nintendo released a ‘2023 content roadmap‘ for Sonic Frontiers, which includes three free DLC updates throughout the year. These updates will introduce new content, such as a Juke Box, a brand-new photo mode, new challenge modes, a celebration of Sonic’s birthday, new playable characters, and more.
The Director has previously stated that Sonic Frontiers’ first substantial update is reaching the final phases. Therefore, fans will not have to wait too long for more content.
Sonic Frontiers shifted from the series’ linear, level-based gameplay to an expansive open world comprising different landscapes such as mountains, deserts, and forests, making it the first Sonic game to do so. The game involves side quests, collectibles, and many other activities.
Fans and critics praised its innovative approach, and it became the best-selling Sonic game in over 20 years and is now close to selling 3 million copies. This success has allowed Sega to aim even higher, and the studio is already planning future Sonic games in addition to the content coming up.

Sonic 2023 content roadmap

While the news surrounding Sonic Frontiers is exciting, the Sonic franchise will continue to offer new experiences. Fans can expect another 2D release, while the Director has also claimed that more surprises are waiting with the next Sonic game.

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