Studio Gobo and Guerrilla Games co-development partner on the Horizon universe

Gobo Studio Is Now Supporting Guerilla Games With The Horizon Franchise

Another Dev Joins The Horizon Team!

The Horizon game series is a post-apocalyptic action RPG developed by Guerrilla Games, a gaming studio owned by PlayStation. The series began with Horizon Zero Dawn, released in 2017, followed by a sequel, Horizon Forbidden West which was released in 2022.

According to a new tweet, Guerrilla Games partnered with Studio Gobo to co-develop the Horizon series.


Gobo Studio is a AAA game development studio founded in 2000 and is known for its support work for major studios like Ubisoft, Warner Bros, and Disney on major AAA games such as Redfall and Hogwarts Legacy.

Studio Gobo hiring employees
Source: Job Listing For Senior Gameplay Programmer at Gobo Studio

We noticed that the developer is also hiring multiple new employees for a new AAA project on Unreal Engine 5, which could point toward the possibility of a Horizon project or spin-off on Unreal Engine.

Guerilla Games is currently working on various Horizon projects. An online game is confirmed to be in development, and the studio is also set to release an expansion for Horizon Forbidden West soon. Additionally, Horizon Call of The Mountain is also hitting PS VR 2 next month. Therefore, Sony has no shortage of existing Horizon projects and will likely continue to invest in the franchise, with Gobo Studio now joining the series.

Previously, rumors have circulated about Guerilla Games working on an external project for an MMO game with another studio. Though reports claim that NCSoft is helping with the MMO, Gobo Studio could also offer their support on the upcoming game.

Multiple games in the Horizon series are in development, including a Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster. We hope to see an official confirmation on one of them soon.

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