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Elden Ring Has Been Completed Without Walking

Another Challenge Run Completed!

The 2022 Game of The Year award winner, Elden Ring, has performed outstandingly so far. With over 20 million sold copies, Elden Ring marks another successful entry in the souls-like genre. Despite its popularity, it is safe to say that Elden Ring is one of the most challenging games to complete.

However, a Youtuber, Ymfah, known for his crazy challenges on FromSoftware games, has completed the game without walking. Previously, Ymfah has completed games like Bloodborne, Dark Soul 3, and more with similar restrictions, and the content creator recently posted a video on his channel, deciding to refrain from using the left stick/WASD keys.


Though the Youtuber did not walk throughout the game, he managed to get around through clever use of skills like quick steps and light attacks.

The Youtuber posted a 100-minute-long video showing fans a compilation of the whole playthrough. Those looking to understand further the intricacies of the challenge can watch the full video to understand Ymfah’s approach to the challenge. The video also shows his failures along the way, making for an exciting watch.

While it may sound simple on paper, Elden Ring is already a challenging game to begin with. Beating the more difficult bosses of the game without using the directions keys can become nearly impossible. As such, Ymfah has achieved an incredible feat while also entertaining viewers through the unique set of restrictions placed on the playthrough.

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