PlayStation 5 New Software Update Fixed Performance Issues

PlayStation 5 System Software Update Has Just Being Released

Sony’s PlayStation 5 system update has been officially released and is available for download. Sony has re-uploaded the system software update 22.02.06, released just a month before. The update’s version number is the same as the previous firmware update, although the actual ‘PUP’ file is distinct. The new update weighs 1.086 GB.

Software Update Change Log:

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Previously, Sony had released an update on September 7th with several features, including the addition of a game list and 1440p support. Apart from support for a new resolution, some exclusive new social features were added, including the ability to request a Share Screen from a fellow player, view the profile of your new friends, and receive a notification so that players can join a friend’s game more quickly and save time.

Unfortunately, Sony has no official information regarding the new update. However, we think that it could be from one of the reasons mentioned below:

Players who wanted to run their PlayStation 5 at 1440p with VRR functionality cannot do so now. VRR on PlayStation now only supports 1080p and 4K output resolutions, so if the players run their console at 1440p, they will eventually get blocked from using this feature. This will disappoint those looking to take advantage of High Frame Rate modes.

Furthermore, just a few days ago, PS5 was jailbroken, which paved the way for piracy and homebrew content. The consoles were modified so that they could perform functions or install content that the device’s manufacturer would usually restrict. This update could be connected to it somehow, as Sony would like to fix any of these disturbances as soon as possible.

What do you think was the reason behind the new software update? Do you think a new update was necessary this soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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