Hell Let Loose Mobile Platforms

Hell Let Loose Could Be Coming To Mobile Platforms

Hell Let Loose On Mobile Platform Soon?

Hell Let Loose is among the few modern World War 2 fps games out right now. Unlike modern fps games, Hell Let Loose focuses on patience, communication, and teamwork to make for a realistic World War 2 experience.

The title made its way to current-gen consoles in 2021, and a new job listing could be hinting at the future of the franchise. We have spotted a new job listing for Gameplay Programmer- Hell Let Loose that states:

We are building an ambitious and exciting new stand-alone, independent studio dedicated to the further development and on-going support of Hell Let Loose.

This statement hints at further updates for the title in 2023 and beyond from an independent stand-alone studio. The Commonwealth Expansion has already been confirmed for 2023, but subsequent updates could follow from the studio dedicated to the World War 2 fps game.

However, the job listing also hints that Hell Let Loose might come to mobile devices.

Hell Let Loose Job Listing
Job Listing For- Gameplay Programmer

If we look at the requirements for the job ad, it states:

Experience developing for non-PC architectures (including console and mobile)

This requirement points to a mobile release for Hell Let Loose. While the game is already available on current-gen consoles and PC, Team17 could be looking to expand the franchise to more platforms.

Looking at the other requirements, Team17 is seeking developers with Unity experience. The requirements state:

Advanced understanding of the Unity engine

Experience in developing several released games with the Unity engine

While the requirements ask for Unity experience, Hell Let Loose is based on Unreal Engine 4. It would make little sense for the developers to move from Unreal Engine to Unity when Unreal Engine 5 offers an expansive array of tools for the future of gaming.

Additional listings for the game also ask for Unreal Engine experience, but those positions do not mention Unity. This could mean that Team17 is hiring a separate team experienced with Unity for Hell Let Loose on mobile devices.

Mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile and Pokemon Go have been developed on Unity, and the engine has been a popular choice for games on the platform. As such, the Hell Let Loose developers could be looking to follow suit with the potential mobile release.

With a dedicated studio supporting the game, the developers appear to be highly ambitious for the World War 2 fps game. A mobile port might be part of this plan, and it would also introduce the game to a new audience, leading to further success for the franchise.

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