Retro Killer Instinct Ports Teased By Porting Studio Code Mystics

Aracde Killer Instinct Ports Are Coming?

Killer Instinct has been a well-known fighting game franchise for many decades. The last Killer Instinct title came out in 2013, but the franchise has been dormant since then.

Surprisingly, Code Mystics – a popular game development company well known for porting Garou: Mark of the Wolves and more to modern consoles – has teased something related to Killer Instinct in a tweet.

The studio posted a picture of three people playing Killer Instinct on an arcade cabinet. A webpage also shows a  countdown of about two days, and the fans are speculating about a supposed Killer Instinct title based on this teaser image.

Killer Instinct Countdown
Source: Code Mystics 


Code Mystics has previously worked on porting games like King of Fighters’ 97 and The King of Fighters: 2002 for current-gen hardware. This could lead us to guess that perhaps Code Mystics will port the arcade Killer Instinct games for modern console hardware since the teaser shows Killer Instinct on an arcade cabinet.

It can also be speculated that Code Mystics is collaborating with a bigger studio to create a sequel to the Killer Instinct reboot that launched in 2013, but this is not very likely. However, the teaser could also hint towards HD remakes of the KI 1 and 2 and the canceled KI 3 prototype. At the moment, fans can only wait for more information.

Killer Instinct 2013 received decent reception from the players, scoring 73/100 on Metacritic. Despite the reception, the franchise has not had a new title in nearly a decade. Killer Instinct 2013 is still popular today, with a community that has enjoyed the title for several years.

Who knows if Code Mystics is developing a significant project for the KI Reboot’s 10th anniversary? Do you think a new Killer Instinct game is possible?

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