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Nintendo May Increase the Prices of Switch Consoles

Nintendo Switch is potentially getting an increase in price!

We are officially in the Post-covid era as the global economy was hit by inflation. Earlier this year, PlayStation decided to increase the prices of PlayStation 5 due to challenging economic situations. The price increase for the disc and digital models was roughly USD 50.

In response to PlayStation’s price hike, everyone expected that Xbox and Nintendo would follow suit. But that wasn’t the case, as Xbox and Nintendo stated that they had no plans to increase the prices of their consoles. The prices for Xbox and Switch continue to remain at the MSRP.

However, the situation might change as Nintendo hints at a price hike for Switch consoles. When asked if Nintendo would raise the price of the Nintendo Switch, they said that while there are no current plans for a price rise, they will continue to evaluate the situation carefully and take appropriate action.

This implies that a price hike for the Nintendo Switch is possible if the economy continues to deteriorate, as expected. Given the global economic situation, an increase in the price of Switch is unprecedented.

According to the quarterly earnings report, Nintendo sold over 114.4 million Switch units worldwide, earning $50 on each console sale. An increase in the prices of Switch consoles means the company’s previous policy of not raising the prices of newly announced products will be broken.

The Switch is not the only console that could get a price hike. Similar messages have also been delivered to Xbox fans by Phil Spencer. While Microsoft continues to stick to the original Xbox prices, they have also revealed that the company is losing $100-200 on selling each Xbox.

Given the gloomy economic situation, gamers may soon have to pay more for their favorite pastime. The good news is that neither Microsoft nor Nintendo have made any official announcements about price increases. And as gamers, we hope that the prices remain the same.

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