PS5 Outsells Nintendo Switch In Japan Third Week In A Row

PS5 Remains King Of Japan!

In Japan, Nintendo and Sony have been the most successful console companies in terms of overall sales in the region. In recent years, the Nintendo Switch has dominated sales, but Nintendo’s throne is in danger as Sony’s PS5 continues to gain momentum.

According to the most recent data by Famitsu, PS5 outsold the Nintendo Switch in Japan for three weeks running. This has come as a surprise to many, showing the incredible demand for Sony’s latest console.

PS5 sold 93,574 units over the course of three weeks, compared to 55,025 units sold by Nintendo Switch. It is a remarkable feat, considering the popularity of handheld consoles in the Japanese market.

Famitsu PS5 Sales
Source: Famitsu

The PS5 saw an increasing demand in Japan for many months, but stock shortages meant many could not find the console. Now that Sony has sorted out stock issues, the sales for the consoles have skyrocketed. The lack of new consoles from Nintendo could also be the reason why sales for the Nintendo Switch are slowing down.

Previously, the PS5 beat the Nintendo Switch by a much smaller margin. However, that divide has continued to increase over the last two weeks. Yet, both systems continue to be the favorites of Japanese gamers.

In the coming months, both consoles will offer exclusives from popular franchises like Final Fantasy 16 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. With stiff competition and big releases coming up soon, it will be interesting to see how the console market changes over the coming months and whether the PS5 can continue to enjoy its current level of popularity.

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