Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections Scans Reveal New Awakenings

New Awakenings For Ashura And Indra!

As the 20th anniversary of Naruto approaches, a new game has been revealed. The new game, titled Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections, is the latest entry in the Naruto Storm series and is set to be released sometime this year.

While much of the game remains a mystery, the first new information since the reveal trailer has been shown in V-Jump magazine. The Naruto Storm franchise has previously used scans from the V-Jump magazine to reveal new details about each game.

The latest V-Jump magazine showcased character scans for Indra and Ashura’s awakenings.

Indra Ashura character scans

The character scans look impressive, featuring Indra’s Susano mode and Ashura in his Kurama mode.

The rest of the scans focus on Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections content showcased in the reveal trailer. As announced previously, Cyber Connect 2 has recut parts from the previous games into a complete package while also creating an original Boruto story for the upcoming game.

Both Indra and Ashura have always been highly demanded characters in the Naruto Storm games. They will be playable in the upcoming Naruto game for the first time, fulfilling the fan demand.

Leaks have also suggested that a new gameplay trailer will be arriving soon, featuring more playable characters, new combat mechanics, and a proper release date.

Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections will feature an even more extensive roster than the 100+ characters from Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Two of the new characters have been revealed so far, and more will follow.

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