How To Fix Hulu Anonymous Proxy Error [2024]

Hulu anonymous proxy error is caused by any app interfering with geographical detection. Fix it by identifying and closing the app.

Hulu anonymous proxy error, more commonly known as the “Hulu is available in the U.S. only and cannot be used with an anonymous proxy service” error, is caused by a VPN or any other IP spoofing service interfering with Hulu. The error logs users out and prevents them from logging back in. A user first reported the error on Opera forums, but other platforms have seen complaints popping up since.

This interference occurs due to Hulu’s strict policies on monitoring its users’ geographical locations to ensure that users outside the United States cannot use the service. It also safeguards against third-party apps using the streaming platform for their benefit. Let’s dive into this article to see how it can be resolved.


hulu is available in the u.s. only, and cannot be used with an anonymous proxy service.
Error message (Image by Emopulse)

Key Takeaways

  • Hulu anonymous proxy error occurs when you try logging in or streaming Hulu with any service that may hinder Hulu from recognizing your location.
  • Apart from just being an annoyance, repeated occurrences of the error can result in your account being blocked.
  • The most straightforward fix to Hulu anonymous proxy error is to turn off your VPN or proxy. If you’re not using one, there are still some fixes you can try!

Before I begin troubleshooting the error, try these general fixes:

  • Restart The App
  • Update The App
  • Reinstall Hulu
  • Turn Off VPN
  • Try Different VPN

If these fail to work, the specific fixes are below:

Turn Off iCloud Private Relay

The iCloud Private Relay feature directly stops you from accessing Hulu. A feature to allow or allow specific sites to pass through would be nice, but your only option is to turn it off. Our team tested this on several MACs with factory settings, and this fixed the issue almost every single time. This method was also discussed in a thread on the Apple Forums and worked for users there.


Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Access Apple ID: On your MAC’s dock, go to System Preferences > Apple ID.
  2. Turn off Private Relay: Select iCloud Private Relay > Options > Turn Off.


The method’s similar here:

  1. Access iCloud: Go to Settings > Apple ID (This would be your profile) > iCloud.
    iCloud (Image by Emopulse)
  2. Turn off Private Relay: Now select Private Relay > Turn Off.

Change Safari Settings

One other variable I tested was the browser. Certain browsers have anonymous browsing by default, which could be causing the issue. Safari is one such browser. Changing to a different browser can fix the issue, but if you intend on using Safari in the future regardless, I could fix it by changing some settings.

Here’s how to do so:

  1. Go to Privacy Preferences: Open the hamburger menu > Settings > Privacy Preferences.
  2. Hide from trackers only: From here, you can either choose to turn the option off altogether or select “Hide from trackers only.”

Contact Your ISP

Another cause our team stumbled upon by accident was a blocked IP address. Even if you’re not using anything to block detection, a previous user of your IP may have been blocked in the past for doing so. Ask your ISP to change your IP, and tell them why. When no other fix worked, doing this got Hulu working again for me.

The Verdict

I understand the Hulu team’s paranoia about other services hindering their business, but the strictness they’re exerting and the methods they’re using only turn away more and more customers. While the methods I’ve listed here all fix Hulu’s anonymous proxy error, turning off options that protect my privacy and data isn’t something I’m very fond of. I hope the Hulu team finds better and more effective ways of dealing with third-party apps without side effects like these.

If you’re an avid Hulu user, you may have faced these errors as well:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting Hulu is available in the U.S. only and cannot be used with an anonymous proxy service?

You may be using a VPN or another third-party app interfering with the service.

Can you use Hulu outside of the United States?

You can try accessing the service through a VPN if you've moved you, but Hulu's policy doesn't actually allow it.

Can I not use Hulu with VPN?

Hulu immediately blocks most VPNs if you try streaming with them. Certain ones, such as Express VPN, can often bypass this.

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