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Tim Schafer Believes Xbox Game Pass Allows More Creativity

Tim Schafer Praises Game Pass!!

Xbox Game Pass was released nearly six years ago, and it has already generated tremendous revenue for Microsoft and the publishers, with reports claiming that Xbox made over 2.9$ Billion just from the Game Pass subscription in 2021.

While Xbox Game Pass has proven to be an excellent initiative for Microsoft, various publishers and developers are also satisfied with how Xbox Game Pass works and allows freedom. Founder of Double Fine productions, Tim Schafer, was recently invited to an IGN interview where he talked about his journey and the future.

While talking about Xbox Game Pass, Tim Schafer had a lot of great things to say about the subscription. He stated:

Game Pass lets us reach people who would’ve been too nervous to drop 70 bucks for a physical copy. I think it’ll lead to us being more like ourselves and more creative.

Psychonauts 2 Xbox Game Pass

Psychonauts 2 is the latest game developed by Double Fine and has been available on Xbox Game Pass since day one. Tim Schafer has a history of unique projects like Brutal Legends, and Xbox Game Pass is a perfect match for the developer. He further stated:

“It’s allowed me to move forward projects that I had on a back burner.”

Xbox has also helped many smaller titles with Game Pass in recent times. High on Life had a great start thanks to Xbox Game Pass, despite being a smaller-scale project. Hi-Fi Rush was also available on the subscription at launch, allowing many people to try the game without a complete purchase.

Microsoft’s innovation with Xbox Game Pass has been appreciated by various developers worldwide, and Tim Schafer is just one such developer. Over the coming months, Game Pass will feature titles like Starfield, Redfall, and several smaller games to keep players engaged.

What do you think about the Game Pass? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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