Netflix Error Code s7701-1003 [FIXED]

Having trouble streaming your favorite shows on Netflix? Then there may be a problem with the device you use to access Netflix. Lets fix it.

Netflix also has its fair share of errors, but the one I will be talking about in this article would be Netflix error code s7701-1003. Users frequently get Netflix Error Code S7701-1003 while viewing content on the Netflix platform. This error frequently appears when there is an issue with the browser or device you use to access Netflix. To fix this, I recommend you update your browser and the browser’s content, enable cookies, or enable DRM support. If you don’t know how to do that, worry not; here, I’ve mentioned all the steps you can follow to resolve the Netflix Error Code S7701-1003 issue.

Such is an error s7701-1003, which usually apologizes for the interruption caused by saying, “Pardon the interruption“. But the good news is that this error is narrowed down to very few causes, among which the browser is dominant.

Netflix Error code s7701-1003
Error code s7701-1003

Key Takeaways

  • The Netflix error code s7701-1003 is related to your browser or device you are using.
  • The problem with the browser you are using to watch Netflix content is the cause of this error.
  • I suggest you restart your browser, update your browser and the browser’s content, enable cookies in your browser, enable DRM support, and if it persists, then check your browser’s compatibility.

What Causes The Netflix Error Code s7701-1003?

The browser or the device you are streaming is usually the cause of the error code s7701-1003, and it can quickly be resolved by trying a few tips and tricks.

How To Fix The Netflix Error Code s7701-1003?

All the fixes regarding this error code s7701-1003 are related to your browser. You might try to:

  1. Restart your browser.
  2. Update your browser.
  3. Enable cookies in your browser.
  4. Enable DRM support.
  5. Update your browser’s content protection features.
  6. Check your browser’s compatibility.

The browser where the error occurs is more likely to be the Firefox browser, but try these for your other browsers.

 1) Restart Your Browser

The browser you are using often ends up with some error. It may be because sometimes the browsers malfunction, So it’s recommended to close the Netflix app and then close your browser. Relaunch it after waiting a few moments to check if Netflix is functional again or not. If it does not work, then follow the next step.

Netflix Error code s7701-1003
Relaunch browser

2) Update Your Browser

I addressed this issue by updating the browser. The browser then would have problems while streaming, causing error codes like s7701-1003. So, if you have been using an old browser version, you have a reason to update it. To update,

  • Open the menu option in your browser.
  • After opening it, select the help option on the menu.
Netflix Error code s7701-1003- chrome help
Help option
  • Click on the About (Browser you are using) option.
Netflix Error code s7701-1003-about chrome
About Chrome
  • This will show you the version of the browser and whether an update is required or not.
  • Then, relaunch the browser to update it and check whether it is fixed.

3) Enable Cookies In Your Browser

According to my testing, I concluded that disabling cookies can cause this problem. To be safe and ensure that your cookie settings are not part of your problems caused by the error, try allowing cookies in your system.

  • Hit up the menu in the browser.
  • Then select the “options panel” > “privacy and security” > “History section“.
  • Then click on “Allow cookies“, thus enabling cookies on your platform.
  • Then again, wind up everything, relaunch the browser, and relaunch Netflix to see if the error has been removed.
Enable cookies
Enable cookies

4) Enable DRM Support

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a tool that governs whether the content being accessed by users is according to their terms or not. So, in my opinion, there might be a chance that this would be causing a problem for you, so you can enable it to see yourself if the error code vanishes. To enable it, try doing the following steps.

  • Open the menu and select “Options” > “Digital Rights Console Management” > “Play DRM-controlled content option“.
  • And again, relaunch the browser and open the app to see if the trick worked.
Enable DRM
Enable DRM

5) Update Your Browsers Content Protection Feature

In my findings, another reason for the error might be the outed browser Content Protection Feature. It tends to cause a lot of problems. Aside from the error fix, it is best to keep such features of your browser active for the best experience. To do so:

  • Hit on the menu and select “Addons“.
  • Scroll to the Plugins tab and find “Wide Vine Content Decryption Module “.
  • If you find it, click the “Find Updates” option.
  • You will determine whether your Wide Vine Content Decryption Module is updated. If not, then update it yourself.
  •  Now, relaunch and open the browser to see if the trick worked.
Content protection
Comprehensive Vine Content Decryption Module

6) Check Your Browsers Compatibility

Furthermore, it is also possible that your browser is incompatible with Netflix, and you are unaware of it. Another cause of the error is the compatibility issue. Netflix does not work on custom versions of browsers and supports an official version. So, I suggest you ensure you are using a supported version. You can check out your browser’s version in the About settings of your browser.

Chrome Version
Browser version

Additional Tips And Tricks:

Although the error code s7701-1003 is browser-related, a few tips and tricks might do the trick for you and pave your way to a continuous adventure of endless streaming. It would not hurt to go off the book and tackle it with general solutions like turning off your VPN or your proxy or contacting the Netflix help center just to be sure. And hopefully, these fixes will do the trick for you as well.

Contact Netflix Support

If none of the above fixes seem to work, contact Netflix Support and explain your issue to their team. You can chat with the support team through the Netflix Help Center website.

Netflix Support – Image Credits [Emopulse]

Contact PlayStation Support

If you cannot solve the Netflix issue on your PS device, you should head to PlayStation Support and get help from the team. Click “Online Assistant” at the bottom of the support website, enter your credentials, and you are ready to go.

PlayStation Support – Image Credits [Emopulse]
Considering you’re here, assuming you’re a Netflix user and running into issues is safe. Here are some of the more prevalent ones:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we stream Netflix offline?

No, you cannot stream Netflix offline. Like other streaming services, Netflix requires a stable internet connection. The only way you can watch something online is by downloading it. So go back to the home page, search the series you want to binge, navigate the episodes and hit the downwards facing arrow and boom. Now you can stream those episodes offline.

Does shifting regions affect Netflix?

No, it does not. As long as you are in the regions in which Netflix is available. Although, it comes up with a few additional changes like changes in monthly prices, the payment methods and, of course, the content. The availability of content differs with respect to different regions.

Can I access Netflix on more than one device?

Yes, you can access Netflix on more than one device. Although considering the subscription packages you have chosen, the number of screens that can be shared may differ from account to account.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription immediately?

Yes and no. Yes, you can upgrade your subscription immediately. The upgrades take effect instantaneously, and you can enjoy the higher class right away, and you will be charged the new amount on your regular billing date. But, the downgrades do not happen right away. Instead, it would take time until your next billing date, and you will be demoted. But until then, enjoy for what you have paid.

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