Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017 [Resolved In 2023]

The issue may be fixed by logging onto the correct account, but you may need a hard reset as well.

Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017 is a well-known problem Xbox users might face when attempting to access or download content from the Xbox Store. This error can be frustrating, hindering users from buying or downloading games, applications, or other digital content.

In this guide, I will present essential insights into the error, examine its possible reasons, and propose practical solutions to resolve it successfully.

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017 is associated with difficulties accessing or downloading content from the Xbox Store.
  • The error can occur due to server, account-related, or network connectivity problems.
  • Clearing the Xbox Store cache, checking your account status, and verifying network connectivity are common fixes for this error.

What Is Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017?

The error pops up when you try to access any online features. Whether installing a game online or simply streaming a show, this error stops you from doing any of it. While at first glance, it may seem to be a problem with the servers entirely, other factors may be in play.

Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017
Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017 (Image by Emopulse)

The prompt reads, “Try again in a while. We’re having trouble connecting to Xbox. To check the service status, go to Xbox support. (0x87de0017)”. From this, you can see that the error states the cause is a failure to connect to the Xbox servers.

What Causes Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017?

Since the error occurs when attempting features related to the Xbox servers (for some weird reason accessing Netflix and other streaming apps also requires a connection to the servers when done on Xbox), we can conclude that the error is another connection-based error. The causes for such errors include:

  • Connectivity problems.
  • Problems with Xbox servers.
  • Any of your Xbox Live subscriptions, such as Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass, may have expired.
  • You may be using a different account than what was used for these services.
  • If another person subscribed to the service or bought the game, you might not be on their home console.
  • Your account information may have been changed.
  • Some problems with your payment method.
  • An outdated system software.
  • Cache problems.

How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017?

Upon discussing the potential causes, I can now tell you that some general fixes are enough to fix this error. These fixes include:

  • Checking Xbox server status.
  • Restarting your console.
  • Fixing your Internet connection.
  • Checking subscription status.
  • Switching to the proper account.
  • Setting Xbox up as the home console.
  • Verifying account information.
  • Clearing cache.
  • Updating the system software.
  • If nothing else is working, reset your Xbox.

Checking Xbox Servers

With errors like these, the Xbox Live servers play a huge role in what causes them. I’ll recommend that with most errors you check the status of these servers before moving on to other fixes, as otherwise you’ll just end up wasting time and effort.

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Restarting Or Power Cycling Xbox

Restarting or power cycling your Xbox console is a troubleshooting method that can effectively resolve the error, especially if it seems to be caused by a temporary issue. Doing this refreshes the system and clears any temporary glitches that might have been causing the error.

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Fixing Your Internet

If your internet is working, but you still face this error, there’s a chance that your console’s not connecting to the servers properly due to a bad connection. To check if that’s the case, check your connection speed. If there are any issues with it, power cycle your router.

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Recheck And Verify Account Credentials

There might be a problem with your account details that is interfering with the service you’re availing. In order to check your credentials, follow these steps:

Settings (Image by Emopulse)
  1. Open the “Guide menu” by pressing the “Xbox button” on your controller.
  2. Cycle through the tabs by pressing the left and right bumpers and reach “Profile and System.”
  3. Select “Settings.”
    Sign in, security, and passkey
    Sign-in, security, and passkey (Image by Emopulse)
  4. Then, go to “Account.
  5. Inside Account is the “Sign in, security & passkey” option. On other models, you may find this option to be named something similar to “Account info or Account security.”
    Your email
    Your email (Image by Emopulse)
  6. Verify your email address from here.

Verify Subscription

It’s also a good idea to check whether the services you’re trying to avail of still exist, as an error may have failed to inform you of their end. To check this, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft.
    Subscriptions and Services on the home page
    Subscriptions and Services on the home page (Image by Emopulse)
  2. Go to “Services & Subscriptions.”
    Services and Subscriptions
    Services and Subscriptions (Image by Emopulse)

Here you’ll find all Microsoft services, and you can check whether the one you subscribed to still applies.

Alternatively, check for this in your “Order history.” To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft.Payment dragdown menuPayment dropdown menu (Image by Emopulse)
  2. Inside the “Payment & Billing” drag-down menu, select “Order history.”
Order history
Order history (Image by Emopulse)

Here you will see your payment history. Check if you’ve been charged for any service associated with the game you’re trying to play or services you’re trying to avail of, and if not, resubscribe to it.

Logging Into The Proper Account

Another cause for this error can be that you’re using an account you did not buy the game with to attempt to access it. This isn’t usually a problem if you’re playing on your console, but if you’ve changed the default home console, this can cause an error. To fix this, switch to the correct account that has ownership over the game or service you’re trying to avail.

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Setting Up Home Console

If someone else bought the game, you can fix the error by setting this one up as a home console belonging to the owner account. You can also do this if you are the game owner but are using another account or the correct account but not on your home console.

Remember that doing this will remove any other one from its status as the home console, as there can only be one at any given time.

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Clearing System Cache

A cache is a short-term storage of data that helps the system process things faster. However, if it accumulates too much, it can lead to errors.

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Updating The System Software

The outdated system can cause a synchronization error if the game has been optimized for the newer system. To fix this, update the system. There are several ways to update your Xbox, whether you prefer an online or offline approach.

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Performing A Factory Reset

You can also choose to reset your console if the error persists no matter what you do. This removes all your data, so be careful when backing stuff up.

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What To Do If Nothing Works?

Contact us
Contact us in Xbox support (Image by Emopulse)

If the error persists, reach out to Xbox support for help. The website’s community and moderators can provide swift solutions to similar issues. If needed, use the “Contact Us” feature to chat with an agent, including a clear problem description and relevant screenshots.

Final Words

The error is caused by either a server-end error or your console’s inability to access the servers. It can also be caused by an issue with the account you’re using to access its features or the status of your services.

To resolve Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017, follow these steps: stay informed about Xbox server status, maintain a stable internet connection, verify your account credentials, and renew subscriptions if applicable.

Other methods, such as clearing the cache and updating the system, also help. If the error persists, reach out to Xbox support for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017

What Is Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017 is an error that is either caused by a problem on the Xbox servers, or a verification or connection problem.

Can I set up more than one home consoles on Xbox?

No, setting up a new home console removes the status from the previous one.

Why can't I share Netflix subscription on my friend's Xbox despite putting in my profile?

To access your subscriptions on another console, you need to set it up as your account's home console.

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