How To Fix Xbox System Error E105 [Explained]

A more dangerous version of other system errors, is the only way to fix it by repair?

Xbox System Error E105 was first reported on the Microsoft Forums. It’s related to trouble installing a system update and is similar to system error E102, but instead of happening during bootup, it happens in the UI.

This error also prevents access to fixes within the console, sometimes blocking the “Settings” option. If not resolved, it can become more serious over time. You might need to reset the console or update it offline to fix it.

Xbox System Error E105
Xbox System Error E105 (Image by Emopulse)

There are two variations of this error. You can either get:

“System Error: E105 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. More Information:”


“System Error: E105. More Information:”

These have no differences and, for the most part, can be considered the same.

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox System Error E105 pops up when an OS update has failed.
  • Corrupted file data mostly causes it.
  • Clearing your cache or storage can fix it, but resetting your console is the only foolproof method against it.

1. Installing The Update Offline

Much like its sister error, Xbox System Error E102, I found that an outdated system can cause synchronization errors if the game has been optimized for the newer system. You can update the system software offline using an OS file and A USB to fix this.

2. Performing A Factory Reset

Another general fix that I used to fix the error was factory resetting Xbox. From our team’s testing, this is the only fix that worked with 100% effectiveness, which shows that the root of the problem likely lies within corrupted system files.

A complete reset means reverting your console to the state it was in when it was made. Doing this can clear any corrupted or repeated files, clear hidden cache, and fix any errors caused by files it created since being bought.

3. Professional Repair

This error has been known to be caused by hardware problems. If nothing works, the problem has a high chance of being on the physical hardware of your Xbox. You should send it over to be repaired as soon as possible, as recommended by users who faced the issue.

The Verdict

The error is much like its sister error, E102, in that it has to do with a corrupted update file. This would be similar to other errors if not for the fact that it can plague your console’s Settings tab, hindering troubleshooting.

Because of this distinction, along with the fact that it can be a warning about some underlying hardware issues, I advise you to either reset your console or consult a specialist ASAP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my Xbox booting up?

Xbox System Error E105 is caused by an issue while updating the OS, and can make your Xbox fail to boot up properly.

How can you fix Xbox System Error E105?

If you cannot access your console's settings, use the Startup troubleshooter menu to either install an update offline or reset your console.

Does Xbox System Error E105 go away by itself?

Users have reported this error going away by itself, but it's not something usual.

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