How To Fix Xbox System Error E105 [Explained]

A more dangerous version of other system errors, is the only way to fix it by reset?

The Xbox System Error E105 is related to trouble installing a system update. It’s similar to the E102 error, but instead of happening during bootup, it happens during startup. This error also prevents access to fixes within the console, sometimes blocking the “Settings” option.

If not resolved, it can become more serious over time. You might need to reset the console or update it offline in order to fix it.

Xbox System Error E105
Xbox System Error E105 (Image by Emopulse)

There are two variations of this error that you may get. You can either get “System Error: E105 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. More Information:,” or you can get one with just the number E105 and nothing after it.

These have no differences and, for the most part, can be considered the same.

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox System Error E105 pops up on console bootup when an OS update has failed.
  • Clear your cache or storage can fix it, but resetting your console is the only foolproof method against it.
  • Installing an update offline can also fix it.

What Causes Xbox System Error E105?

Since we’ve concluded that the error has to do with your console’s software, we can conclude that it’s caused by the following:

  • There are issues with the Xbox Live servers, or they’re undergoing maintenance.
  • A bad internet connection is causing network issues during the updating process.
  • An update file that got corrupted.
  • There might be some cached data that is interfering with the update.
  • There isn’t enough space on your console for it to function properly.

How To Fix Xbox System Error E105?

While the only specific fixes for this error are resetting your console and installing a new OS offline, there are other general fixes that you can attempt if it temporarily goes away and lets you access the console’s settings. These fixes are:

  • Install the update file offline.
  • Check your internet speed, and restart your router if there are any problems.
  • Power cycling your Xbox console.
  • Try installing the update online again.
  • Clear any cached data.
  • Clear storage space.
  • Check the Xbox Live server status.
  • If the error persists, factory reset your console.

Installing The Update Offline

An outdated system can cause synchronization errors if the game has been optimized for the newer system. To fix this, you can update the system software. There are several ways to update your Xbox, whether you prefer an online or offline approach.

Fixing Your Internet

If your connection is suffering, so will your connection to these servers. Try checking your Internet connection to see if this is the case. You can power cycle your connection router to fix these issues. If your Internet is fine, check the Xbox Live servers and move on to other fixes.

Restarting Or Power Cycling Xbox

Another general fix you can attempt is to power cycle your console. This lets the hardware rest, removes any recent cache, and sets the console right. This is particularly helpful in cases where the error freezes or slows up your console, making troubleshooting from within the system difficult.

Clearing System Cache

Clearing the system cache is vital in ensuring your console’s best performance. The cache is a temporary repository storing frequently used data, making loading times quicker. As time progresses, cached data might turn obsolete or corrupt, leading to malfunctions and reduced speed.

Clearing Storage

Another potential cause of errors and the slowing down of your system is various data files clogging up important storage space that needs to be free for the system to use for its processing.  Clearing your storage space is not only important to prevent errors but also to fully utilize your console’s ability to store games.

Checking Xbox Servers

With most connection errors, the cause behind them has to do with the Xbox Live servers. Check these servers before moving on to other fixes to ensure you don’t waste time because no fix will work if the servers are down. You can check them from Xbox Help.

Performing A Factory Reset

Factory resetting Xbox means reverting your console to the state it was in when it was made. Doing this can clear any corrupted or repeated files, clear hidden cache, and fix any errors caused by files it created since being bought.

While an amazing fix, it does clear all your data from the disk. This doesn’t include any game process bound to your account, but it’s a good idea to back up any emails and passwords you’ve put in.

What To Do If Nothing Works?

If none of the issues work, you can also go to Xbox Support to troubleshoot this problem directly. The website is filled with professionals who know what they’re doing and people who have consoles of their own they have fixed, so the chance of not finding something that may help is very low.

Either go through their help section to see what’s plaguing your console or use the “Contact Us” option to be connected to an agent that will listen to what’s wrong. If even contacting them fails to help, all that’s left to do is send your console over to be repaired by a professional, as the issue likely has something to do with the hardware rather than its system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my Xbox booting up?

Xbox System Error E105 is caused by an issue while updating the OS, and can make your Xbox fail to boot up properly.

How can you fix Xbox System Error E105?

If you cannot access your console's settings, use the Startup troubleshooter menu to either install an update offline or reset your console.

Does Xbox System Error E105 go away by itself?

Users have reported this error going away by itself, but it's not something usual.

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