Xbox One Startup Error [SOLVED]

Struggling to fix the Xbox One Startup Error but don't know where to start? Here's some easy fixes!

In particular, the existence of startup errors, known as “E errors” on the Xbox One, is a common occurrence. These errors are identified by specific error codes, such as E101 and E016, displayed on the screen when the console encounters issues during the startup process. I’ll try to generalize the class of errors represented in Xbox System Error E203.

This issue can happen to any Xbox user and is often due to various reasons, including power supply issues, system update problems, hardware malfunctions, and software glitches. There are some straightforward ways that you need to do to get rid of the startup error. However, start with checking for system updates. If that doesn’t work, then move forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox One startup error is a technical issue that prevents the console from booting up properly, hindering access to games and applications.
  • The error can occur for various reasons, including power supply issues, system update problems, hardware malfunctions, and software glitches.
  • To resolve this, try power cycling the console, removing external devices, updating the system, performing a reset, or contacting Xbox Support for further assistance.

Perform A Cold Boot

According to my experience, this method of performing a cold boot can help resolve specific issues by allowing the Xbox console to reset and clear any temporary glitches that might have been affecting its performance. It is a simple and non-intrusive troubleshooting step that can be attempted before exploring more complex solutions.

Here are the steps to perform a cold boot by turning off your Xbox console and associated devices:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and, if applicable, unplug the Xbox from the power brick.
    Xbox Power Cord - Data Cable - xbox one startup error solution
    Xbox Power Cord – [Image Credits – Emopulse]
  2. Wait for several minutes to ensure a complete power discharge.
  3. If applicable, reconnect all components by plugging the power cord back into the wall outlet and reattaching the power brick to the Xbox console.
  4. Power on the Xbox console and check if the issue has been resolved. The cold boot may help refresh the system and address any temporary glitches causing the problem.

Removing External Devices

I addressed this error by removing external devices from the Xbox One because external devices such as USB drives, hard drives, or unsupported accessories might sometimes interfere with the startup process or game performance. Disconnecting these devices reduces the chances of conflicts and allows it to run smoothly.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Power off your Xbox One.
  2. Locate the external devices.
  3. Gently disconnect the external devices.
    Removing Drive
    Removing Drive – [Image Credits – Emopulse]
  4. Ensure all connections are removed securely.
  5. Emphasis on your Xbox One.

Replace Your Harddrive

One of my team members suggested replacing the hard drive to fix this error, which also worked for other Reddit users. A new hard drive with faster read/write speeds can significantly reduce game loading times and improve system performance. Upgrading to an SSD can be particularly beneficial, as SSDs offer faster data access than traditional HDDs.

Furthermore, some people on Reddit claim that the error happens on most drives that aren’t Seagate; therefore, it might be worth a shot if you have a Seagate hard drive lying around.

Factory Reset With SATA Cable

I tested factory resetting with a SATA cable to fix this error, and another user on the same platform also claimed to resolve this error with this fix. The steps provided can help fix the Xbox startup error related to read/write errors and corrupted data on the hard drive by addressing specific hardware and software issues.

This is now your final resort, and I only recommend this to people whose warranties have run out. Here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Inspect the rugged drive data connector.
  2. Cut off the data part of the connector (leave the power part).
  3. Connect the hard drive to the motherboard using a standard SATA data cable.
    Data Cable - xbox one startup error solution
    Data Cable – [Image Credits – Emopulse]
  4. Perform a factory reset on Xbox One.
  5. Verify error-free operation after the changes made to the data connector.

Final Verdict

I encountered this error mostly due to hardware-related issues. Many users also reported that the error was caused by a hardware fault and was resolved simply by replacing the hard drive. But other methods mentioned in this article are also used to fix this error. So try all these solutions, and you will definitely get rid of this error after trying all the methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is System Error E200 00000074 00000000 On Xbox?

The E200 error, often caused by an interrupted or failed update or improper shutdown of the Xbox, might appear challenging to resolve. You might encounter codes like E200 00000074 00000000 or E200 000000EF 00000000.

What Is the Xbox Screen Of Death?

This software glitch results in large portions of the dashboard being blacked out, essentially rendering the console non-functional.

What Causes Xbox Ring Of Death?

According to Leo Del Castillo, a member of Xbox's hardware engineering team, the Red Ring of Death was attributed to broken connectors inside the console's components.

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