5 Ways To Fix NBA2K17 Error Code EFEAB30C [EASY]

This error is annoying since it will not let you connect to the 2K server and will not let you play any multiplayer mods.

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re having issues with the NBA 2K17 Error Code EFEAB30C. Many users on the Microsoft forums have reportedly encountered the error. Updates may lead to issues, and exceeding the account limit can trigger problems on the 2K server, which allows for a maximum of five accounts.

In the article below, I’ll explain the error, what causes it, and how to fix it, so do strap on!

NBA error code efeab30c
NBA2K17 Error Code EFEAB30C – Image Credits (Emopulse)

Key Takeaways

  • When the error arises, it will not let you connect to the 2k server and play multiplayer mods.
  • NBA 2K17 errors mostly occur when you need to update the game or when the server asks for account-related information. There might be other reasons as well, like third-party interference and more.
  • You can resolve this issue by detecting third-party interference, downloading the most recent version, reinstalling the game, playing the game using the linked account, and verifying the email address linked to your My Player account.

Since the error is mostly just a console error, try these generic fixes before you move on:

  1. Power cycle Xbox.
  2. Troubleshoot your connection.
  3. Switching profiles.
  4. Check The Server Status
  5. Run An Internet Speed Test.

How To Fix NBA2K17 Error Code efeab30

The following are the ways to fix the error:

  1. Verify The Email Address Linked With Your MyPlayer Account
  2. Play the Game Using The Linked Account
  3. Download The Most Recent Version Of The Game
  4. Reinstall The Game Without Losing Any Data

Verify The Email Address Linked With Your MyPlayer Account

In my experience, a high probability exists that you will encounter the error if you are a new NBA user or your email address is not registered to your My Player account.

You can confirm your email address using the following procedures:

  1. Go to the 2K website > Sign In > Select Gaming System > Input Login Info.
  2. Look for the Verification code in the email.

Play The Game Using The Linked Account

This took a while to figure out! NBA2K has a limit of 5 accounts linked to a console. Once again, the 2K support further supports this hypothesis! You will probably face the error if you try connecting more than five accounts. You cannot exceed the maximum account limit. If you try to exceed the maximum account limit, it will be regarded as spam and a violation of the rules. In the worst instance, your account can be banned.

Download The Most Recent Version Of The Game

I found that this was the issue only some of the time, so it’s not the most reliable fix. If a game’s developers release an update while playing, you cannot access any online modes. The problem has affected PC users and consoles like PS and Xbox.

For PC Users:

NBA2k17 update
Update Required Notification Pops Up – Image Credits (Emopulse)

The game might not update as it should if you’re on a PC and didn’t purchase it through a videogame service like Steam or Origin. Try closing and restarting the game several times, play a few times in offline mode, or just let it idle while you’re on it. A notification indicating the update is now available will be sent to you shortly.

For Console Users:

NBA new version
NBA2K17 Update On The Console – Image Credits (Emopulse)

The console users will find it simpler to resolve this issue. Restarting the game will help you get the update, so start from there. You can also browse the Console Dashboard’s Downloads section to find the most recent version of the NBA game. Allow the download to complete and wait for the update. After updating, you will be able to play NBA without any hassles.

Reinstall The Game Without Losing Any Data

From what I noticed, you will get the error if you play NBA2k17 on your computer and accidentally erase any game files. Someone on my team fixed this error using this, which is also a tested way on the Microsoft forums.

Here’s a quick approach to saving your files before uninstalling the game:

windows run
Enter Your NBA Location – Image Credits (Emopulse)
  1. Windows+R. A tiny box will appear. Enter appwiz. Cpl as the command.
  2. Then, locate NBA in the application list, right-click, and select Uninstall.
  3. Next, click Yes when you click the Uninstall option to preserve your files.
  4. Then, after uninstalling the game, the system should be restarted.
  5. Next, you will receive the “Installer Is Fetching Files” message during installation.
  6. After that, do not press Cancel until the procedure is finished.
  7. Lastly, restart the game after the installation is complete. You should be able to play any online modes without any problems now.

The Verdict

The error’s origin isn’t specific; rather, it stems from a temporary console glitch. Outdated systems often contribute to such glitches, emphasizing the importance of checking for updates.

Common solutions like power cycling the console or switching profiles can resolve the issue. If the problem persists with a particular profile, logging out and back in may be necessary.

While these steps usually suffice, reaching out to Microsoft may be required to investigate if your account is mistakenly flagged as fraudulent, potentially causing profile glitches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many 2K accounts are allowed?

You can join up to 5 accounts to 2K servers. You can access servers on a friend's account if you do not have five connected. It will, however, register as connectivity on your Playstation.

Is NBA 2K17 Online still available?

On December 31, 2018, all multiplayer servers for NBA 2K17 were shut down. Since then, all game functionality that needs internet servers has been disabled.

Why isn't my NBA 2K17 working?

An inconsistent or poor Internet connection is one of the most apparent causes of the NBA 2K17 won't load problem. As a result, you should inspect your Connection to the internet.

Can't connect to the 2k server?

If you try to play NBA 2K but receive an error code EFEAB30C it's likely that you don't have the most recent data downloaded. When this occurs, you will be unable to continue playing until you have downloaded the most current update.

Who was the best NBA 2K17 player?

LeBron James came in first place with a rating of 96. Stephen Curry was second with a 94 rating. Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard placed third with 93 ratings, respectively.

How old is NBA2K17?

It was published globally on September 20, 2016, for Windows, Ps 3, Ps 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Players that pre-ordered the videogame got it on September 16, 2016. On September 23, 2016, the game was published for iOS and Android.

How much storage space does the NBA 2K17 PC require?

70 GB of free space

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