Hulu Error Code Playlist 5 [FIXED]

Learn how to resolve the playlist 5 error on Hulu by updating the app or your device's software.

Hulu error code playlist 5 is a common error caused by poor internet or down Hulu servers that messes up almost every user’s watching routine. If it happens to you, don’t fret, as you can resolve it without any hassle by turning off the VPN or updating Hulu.

Key Takeaways

  • Error Code Playlist 5 on Hulu means that the app is unable to load the shows.
  • It happens because of server outages or connectivity issues.
  • You can quickly fix it by updating or reinstalling the Hulu application.

What Is Hulu Error Code Playlist 5?

Hulu error code 5 typically occurs due to a server outage, software problems, or low network connection. It prevents the users from streaming their favorite shows by constant buffering, poor video quality, or video freezing. As a result, the application is not able to load the show. The screen will display any of these messages when the error occurs:

  • “We’re having trouble loading this right now.”
  • “Load Playlist Health Check Failed”
  • “Please check your internet connection and try again. Error Code: -5: malformed data.”
  • “If this problem persists, try restarting your device.”
hulu error 5
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Causes Of Hulu Error Code Playlist 5

The main causes behind this error are:

  • Down Hulu servers.
  • Poor or unstable internet connection.
  • Outdated software of Hulu.
  • An old system software version of the device Hulu is running on.
  • Gathered cache on your device.
  • Wired network connection.

How To Fix Hulu Error Code Playlist 5

You can easily fix it by implementing these solutions:

  1. Check Hulu Servers
  2. Check Your Internet Connection
  3. Check Different Devices
  4. Restart Your Device
  5. Update The Hulu Application
  6. Update The System Software Of Your Device
  7. Turn Off VPN
  8. Lower Streaming Quality On Hulu
  9. Uninstall & Reinstall The Hulu Application
  10. Use A Wired Network Connection
  11. Clear Cache & Data
  12. Switch Wi-Fi-F to 5 GHz

Check Hulu Servers

As the foremost trigger of error 5 on Hulu is server outage, it would be best if you checked the Hulu app servers.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Turn on your mobile/PC.
  2. Go to the browser.
  3. Go to the Downdetector for Hulu status.
  4. Downdetector’s window will be displayed on your screen. If there is any problem with the servers, you will see that here; otherwise, they will be working fine.
    hulu server
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Check Your Internet Connection

Hulu requires 3 Mbps for Streaming Library, 8 Mbps for live streaming, and almost 16 Mbps for 4K video streaming. There might be a possibility that your internet connection is not providing that speed, and that’s why the error is displayed on your screen. You should check your internet speed and see if the error gets resolved.

Check Different Devices

Launch Hulu on different devices and see if the error persists there, too. Sometimes, this error occurs on a single device, and doing so helps in resolving it. Just make sure that all your devices are connected to the same internet connection and have the same account logged in.

Restart Your Device

Restarting the device you are streaming Hulu on always aids in solving such errors. Since the restart gives every device a fresh boost and fixes such errors, I would recommend you restart your device and then stream on Hulu to see if the error persists.

Update The Hulu Application

An old or outdated version of the Hulu application can trigger error code playlist 5. That’s why keeping Hulu updated to the latest build on all your devices would be best. So, hurry up, update the Hulu application, and then check to see if the error gets sorted or not.

Turn Off VPN

If you are using a VPN to access content outside your region, it’s time to turn that VPN off. While I was researching the possible fixes for this error, I found out that enabling a VPN can also trigger it. VPNs can change the region and sometimes mess with the Hulu app servers, resulting in errors like playlist 5. So, turning on your VPN and streaming from the Hulu application would be best.

Lower Streaming Quality On Hulu

Error 5 on Hulu also indicates that your network may be failing to keep up with the app’s bandwidth demands. And Hulu is streaming on a resolution that your device can’t handle. This can be sorted out by lowering the streaming quality on Hulu.

You can do that by following this simple procedure:

  1. Launch Hulu and click on the “Profile” icon at the bottom.
  2. Select “Settings” and click on “Cellular Data Usage.”
    lower streaming quality
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  3. Now, choose “Data Saver.” This will lower the streaming quality. Go back and stream any video to see if the error vanishes or not.

Uninstall & Reinstall The Hulu Application

Reinstalling the app deletes any glitches or bugs that could be the root cause of the error. So, I would recommend uninstalling the Hulu app from your device, waiting for some time, preferably 3-5 minutes, and then downloading the app again through the Application Store of that device.

Once you have reinstalled the application, make sure to enter the credentials you were using before and see whether or not the error has been fixed.

Use A Wired Network Connection

A wireless Wi-Fi network also aids in causing this error on Hulu. Try using a wired connection and not Wi-Fi. Link the device you are using to stream Hulu to the router with a LAN cable and inspect if the error persists.

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Clear Cache & Data

When I was trying to fix this error, it occurred to me that clearing the cache and saved data was a helpful solution. It removes all the built-up junk data, which could include bugs or glitches causing this error on your Hulu app.

Contact Hulu Customer Support

If you encounter persistent issues like Hulu error 5 even after attempting troubleshooting steps, it’s advisable to seek assistance from Hulu’s support team. Visit Hulu’s official support and navigate to their “Help Center” or “Support” section. Here, you’ll likely find resources such as FAQs and guides that could address your concerns.

Final Words

Resolving Hulu error code playlist 5 is a simple process. You have to know that it’s been caused by server issues or an unstable network connection and can be fixed by lowering the streaming bandwidth or updating the Hulu application.

Also, make sure that the system software of your device to stream Hulu is up-to-date. If you are still confused, contact Hulu support or drop your queries in the comments sections below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Hulu error code playlist 5?

You can fix playlist 5 error by updating the Hulu app, checking your interent speed or restarting your device.

Why do I keep getting an error code on Hulu?

Down Hulu servers usually cause frequent and persistent errors. So, if you are constantly getting an error code on Hulu, check it's servers by following the method described above.

Why does Hulu keep saying we're having trouble playing this?

The message "We're having trouble playing this" on Hulu often indicates problems with your internet connection, device compatibility, or app/browser issues. It could also be due to network congestion or Hulu's server disruptions. To resolve this, ensure a stable connection, update your app/browser, clear cache/cookies, and check for any service announcements. If issues persist, consider contacting Hulu's customer support for assistance.

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