How To Set Up Home Console [8 Easy Steps]

Learn to use the home console feature for seamless game and service sharing.

If you want to share games or any of your bought services with a friend, a family member, or just yourself on another console you own, you can set up a home console to do this. The setup home console feature is very convenient, but it has nuances in that you must use the proper profile, and only one can exist at a time.

In the guide below, I’ll talk about what it means to do it, tell you when and why you should do it, and also give further tips to avoid problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox’s service and game-sharing feature is called the home console.
  • You can set this feature up through “Personalization” inside “General.”
  • You can only have a single home console at a time, and there may be problems with managing profiles.

What Does It Mean To Set Up Home Console

Xbox has a feature that makes sharing both games and services exceedingly easy. This feature is called the home console.

It makes it so that your account’s most used console can be set up as a home console, making all accounts on that specific console access every game bought by the owner account and any services such as Xbox Live Gold. Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ can also be shared among profiles.

When To Set Up Home Console

By default, the console you use to create an account is set up as its home console, bringing with it all the benefits of having one. Usually, you wouldn’t change this, except in certain situations. These situations include:

  • A license error is stopping you from accessing games.
  • Microsoft store errors are stopping you from accessing your services.
  • You want to share games or services with a friend.
  • Your friend wants to share some games or services with you.
  • You’re updating or changing consoles.

Why Set Up Home Console

As mentioned above, setting up a home console has many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Game sharing.
  • Sharing services such as Xbox Live Gold.
  • Sharing streaming services such as Netflix.
  • Dealing with the hassle of keeping track of and changing profiles when you want to play a bought game.

How To Set Up Home Console

The steps to setting up this feature are fairly simple. To set a console as the home Xbox, follow these steps:

Settings in Profile & System
Settings in Profile & System (Image by Emopulse)
  1. Sign in using the owner’s account.
  2. Press the Xbox button” to open the Guide” menu.
  3. Use the right bumper to navigate to Profile & System.”
  4. Go to Settings.”
    Personalization inside general
    Personalization inside general (Image by Emopulse)
  5. Then, from General,” go to Personalization.”
    My home Xbox inside general personalization
    My home Xbox inside general personalization (Image by Emopulse)
  6. You will find the “My Home Xbox” option here.Setting up my home Xbox Setting up my home Xbox (Image by Emopulse)
  7. Now, select Make This My Home Xbox.”

The current console is now your home console and any other console you’ve previously selected as such is removed.

Keep In Mind

Xbox only allows one Xbox home console to exist at any given time. Because of this, whenever you try to set up a new one, it automatically removes the previous console from its status.

This makes it so any consoles you’ve previously been using as one now cannot share games with their profiles, nor can they be used to stream services. It is very important to remember when you’re using this feature to share stuff with a friend or family member who lives away, as it can cause panic and unprecedented complications if not discussed prior.

I Set Up The Home Console But Cannot Share The Game

If you’ve succeeded in setting up your home console but still cannot access its features, do not worry. Several reasons can cause this, and it’s easier to fix than any other error. The reasons include:

  • The Xbox servers might be down.
  • Connectivity problems are making it difficult to connect to the Xbox servers.
  • You might just be using the wrong profile to set up the console.

You can fix each of these quite simply by:

Final Words

Setting up a home console allows you to share games and services with friends and family. The way to do this is very simple, as all you have to do is access the “Personalization” menu inside the “General” submenu inside your console’s “Settings.”

Remember that only one such console can exist at any time, and trying to set up multiple ones removes any you’ve set before and only gives this status to the last console you tried.

If this helped, also take a look at our guides on fixing Xbox errors, such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple home consoles?

No, setting up more than one home console removes any prior ones from their status.

Does home console let you share Netflix?

Yes, setting up a home console allows for sharing of Netflix and other streaming services.

I set up home console but can't play games.

Try seeing if you've logged onto the correct profile when setting up home console.

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