PlayStation Vue Location Error [FIXED]

Solve PlayStation Vue location error and get in touch with the latest TV shows now.

The PlayStation Vue Location Error is an issue that occurs when users attempt to access content on the PlayStation Vue platform, but access is denied due to their geographic location. The service uses IP addresses to determine the user’s location and restricts access to certain content based on licensing agreements.

In this guide, I will explain the causes of this error and provide step-by-step solutions which will help you fix PlayStation Vue location error and enjoy your favourite content without any location-related hindrances. This error was also reported on GameFAQs, and you can follow the “PlayStation Vue Location Error” error on Reddit.

Playstation Vue Location Error (Image credits: Emopulse)
PlayStation Vue location error message (Image credits: Emopulse)

  Key Takeaways

  •  PlayStation Vue Location Error can prevent users from accessing content due to geographic restrictions.
  •  The error is often caused by IP address issues, VPN usage, or cached data.
  •  Fixing the error involves troubleshooting your network settings, disabling VPNs, and clearing your browser cache.


  • PlayStation Vue was a live TV streaming service offered by Sony, but it was discontinued on January 30, 2020. Suppose you are encountering a location error with PlayStation Vue. In that case, it’s likely because the service is no longer available, and you may be trying to access content that is no longer accessible through the platform.
  • Streaming services like Playstation Vue, Hulu, or Netflix often have licensing agreements that restrict content access to specific regions, and they use your IP address to determine your location.

Causes Of Vue Location Error

Understanding the root causes of the PlayStation Vue Location Error is crucial for troubleshooting. Here are the primary causes in detail:

  1. IP Address Mismatch: Sometimes, your IP address might not match the location of PlayStation Vue. This can occur if your internet service provider (ISP) routes your traffic through a server in a different location.
  2. VPN or Proxy Usage: Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy server can change your apparent location. PlayStation Vue may block access or show the location error if it detects a VPN.
  3. Cached Location Data: Browsers often store cached data, including location information. If this data is outdated or incorrect, it can lead to location errors.

How To Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error

There are many methods to sort location-related errors in PlayStation.Following are the key steps to sort out this error.

  • Check Your IP Address
  • Disable VPN or Proxy
  • Clear Browser Cache and Cookies
  • Location Services
  • Optimize Your DNS Server
  • Adjust the Time Zone
  • Contact Playstation Support

Now, let’s explore the step-by-step solutions to fix the PlayStation Vue Location Error

1. Check Your IP Address

Visit a website that displays your current IP address to ensure it matches your actual location. Contact your ISP if the IP address appears incorrect or is routed through a different location.

2. Disable VPN or Proxy

VPN establishing a secure and encrypted connection over an otherwise less secure network, such as the public internet, can sometimes result in challenges, especially when there are fluctuations in the connection or the IP address undergoes changes. If you encounter difficulties, it’s advisable to deactivate your VPN on your device before attempting to try again. Ensure you’re connected directly to your ISP’s network to avoid location problems.

3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

When dealing with location-related errors on PSN, you might think about clearing your browser’s cache and cookies or restarting your console. These actions frequently prove effective in resolving problems related to order processing.

4. Location Services

On some devices, location services can interfere with location-based restrictions. Disable them in your device settings.

5. Optimize Your DNS Server

Elevate your experience on PlayStation by fine-tuning your DNS server settings. This enhancement improves network performance, minimizes latency, and ensures smoother streaming with quicker downloads. You can find detailed instructions in our guide:

6. Adjust the Time Zone

Incorrect time and date settings on your PlayStation can prevent you from using PlayStation Vue and trigger an error message. Verifying and correcting your console’s time settings ensures a seamless and successful connection.

7. Contact PlayStation Support

If the error persists, reach out to PlayStation Vue’s customer support. They can provide specific guidance and assistance tailored to your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions on streaming services?

While using a VPN itself is legal, bypassing geographic restrictions to access content not available in your region may violate the terms of service of streaming platforms and could potentially be illegal in some cases.

Why do streaming services impose geographic restrictions?

Streaming services often have licensing agreements that restrict content based on geographic regions. These agreements are in place to adhere to copyright and distribution rights and to ensure fair compensation for content creators and distributors.

How often should I clear my browser cache and cookies to avoid location errors?

It's a good practice to clear your browser cache and cookies periodically, especially if you frequently encounter location related issues.

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